Why dream of a cactus

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22 April 2016


What dreams cactus - Dream Miller

Your originality in some areas can be a lot of problems.

Cactus in a dream - interpretation of Dream Interpretation Vanga

prick cactus needles in a dream means that in reality, someone can slander you.

black or care for cacti - you are angry, too callous and vindictive character.

cactus Give a gift - a secret disapproval.

dream in which you are making your way through the jungle of thorny cactus means that in life you will find a terrible gossip and oppression in any business and endeavor.But if you will walk with dignity all the tests and will believe, God will reward you.

What do you mean by Freud's dream book, if you had a cactus

Cactus - a phallic symbol.

when men dream of a cactus with lots of needles, then in reality it means his desire to demonstrate their sexual potential associates.Status plants in a dream can mean a state of health of the male reproductive organs.Withered cactus suggests lowering potency, fear of sexually transmitted diseases,

or castration.

If a woman had a lone cactus in the desert, this may indicate the transferred mental trauma associated with sexual activity.In this case you need to refer to a specialist.

book again Yuri Longo - what dreams dreamed

cactus cactus foretells that you will soon come across a bit secretive and clamped person.If you are going with him (or her) to behave politely, then you zavyazhutsya warm relations.In the dream

prick of a cactus - disappointed in someone awake.

Caring for cacti - a fascinating conversation.

cactus in bloom heralds moderation and harmony in your life.

Why dream of cacti - sonnik Denise Lynn

Cactus portend pretty nasty situation.Look at your life from the outside and get it, "injecting" moments.Maybe in your environment is very vulnerable people.Try not to hurt him.

Hasse Dreams - what does it mean if the dream had a cactus

If you had a cactus, in real life, you will bring harm to the environment polluted.

Dreams David Lofa - what dreams cactus

dream of a cactus symbolizes the deterioration of affairs because of your inner inability to be "like everyone else".

But flowering cactus is positive - you will smile windfall.

What else can dream

  • cactus cactus flower - relaxation, positive change, wealth, happiness unexpected;
  • prick of a cactus - in the future you will make mistakes, but you type the necessary experience;
  • buy a cactus in a dream - a meeting with selfish and arrogant person;
  • pot with a cactus - you are too callous towards others.