Why dream of fried fish?

By Admin | Your Leisure
22 April 2016

Such is human nature - we all wonder what the future holds, so we're trying to at least a glimpse of things to come.And solving the meaning of dreams - one of the most interesting and not as simple as it seems at first glance, ways to learn the future.After all, the meaning is able to easily change depending on the details, you have seen in a dream.

interpretation of a dream in which you see the fish, is one of the oldest, one might say, the classic and occurs in almost every dream book.Let's see what kind of clue carries a fish symbol for a woman in a dream, especially if the fish - fried.So, what dreams fried fish?

Fry the fish in a dream - to get the latest news, interesting to witness the incident

This explanation carries a dream in which you are frying fish.It can also say that in a short time you can come in waves, extraordinary event that affects your future life.This dream also shows that it is time to you to try to determine their own destiny, to become its creator and master, and not to

rely on chance.

To dream of fried fish - altercation with colleagues, friends, someone from relatives

Sometimes dreams in which you see fried fish, mean that soon you will quarrel, a small dispute with a familiar person or a distant relative.However, the more in front of you in a dream fish, the closer and more significant for you to be the person with whom you had a conflict.Fried fish with head shall be construed as a squabble with his wife, but without a head - means a dispute with subordinates.Think of how much was fried fish: if it was fried very much or almost charred, then a small explanation of the relationship your quarrel could escalate into a prolonged and acute hostility imminent truce which is unacceptable.

dreamed fried fish - will become a victim of the bureaucrats to experience difficulties connected with the documents

This interpretation in some dream books is one of those dreams in which a man sees a fish fry someone else.Then treated to a fish in a dream is to win in the end, it safely and to settle all the bureaucratic difficulties.

Small fried fish in a dream - the appearance of your fine money, getting back borrowed amount

dream in which you see fried perch or other small fish, it means that soon you will have a small amount of money, which in principle will give you,but did not significantly affect your well-being.You might give the old debt, or you win a small sum in a lottery.

pike fry in a dream - a significant change in your life caused by the appearance of a new woman in her

If you see a dream in which roast pike, according to some interpretations of meetings in your destiny, you may receive the woman who affect your life.However, this may be the new boss at work, desperate dislikes you, and you are trying to survive with their position, and even a woman with whom you will be in intimate connection.There are many options, but the result of this occurrence in your life rather gloomy.

Fried big fish - a lot of competition, you still soak

To dream big fried fish, such as shark - a strong opponent, competition, even the enemies trying to discredit your reputation.However, do not be upset, because this dream in the end means that you still will be able to defeat a strong opponent.

Fried fish dreamed of a woman - a response feeling is mutual love

If a dream in which she was frying fish, had a woman, it means that her tender feelings that she experiences, mutual and it is waiting for the imminent marriage with this man.If the fried fish with its size surprised her in a dream, such a marriage would be a very profitable and successful.