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01 April 2016

through the skin can be derived toxins accumulated in the body, and the best of their conclusion promotes traditional Russian steam bath .But it must be remembered that the use of bath , the positive effects of human habitation in the dry or wet steam room largely depends precisely on her visit.It is recommended to attend bath every week, but the effect of a visit to the steam room is palpable, even if the person is a good warm up with a broom, and twice a month.

Bani Saint Petersburg, and in general a good bath of your city - it's not only an opportunity to wash and cleanse the body, but also a great way to recovery , maintain skin elasticity, and as a result, prevent the appearance of wrinkles.Bath procedure enables relieve fatigue by reducing the level of lactic acid in the body.A visit baths can be compared with a workout in the fitness club , as under the influence of high temperature, humidity and mechanical effects on the body with the help of a broom there effects on the cardiovascular sy

stem of the person and its subsequent stimulation.

People engaged in sedentary work, with regular visits to Russian pair gain strength, increase physical endurance, significantly improve the coordination of movements, and get sick less often.These procedures allow the body to fight the fine subsequently cold, while strengthening the immune system and is produced resistance to colds.Due to rapid change in temperature in the steam room vessels person performing peculiar exercises - first dilate under the influence of heat, and then narrowed when splashed with cold water.

Banny heat, creating a sterile environment in the room, allows you to thoroughly clean the pores, is not only good to remove the dirt, but also remove the top layer of dead skin dermis, has outlived its cells.No cosmetic product, no matter how effective it may be, does not give the same effect as the usual procedure floating with a broom, whether modern saunas St Petersburg or traditional bath in the Russian outback.Taking a bath regularly, can improve the physiological state of the cells, normalize the metabolism, balance the metabolism of fat.

Sweating promotes better digestion of fats and proteins, as well as trace elements that allows the person to gradually get rid of excess weight almost effortlessly.Together with the sweat from the body toxins and output, adversely affecting not only human health, the appearance of his skin, and removal of fluid during bath procedure leads to a thickening of the blood to normal levels.Regular visits to the steam room helps fight the appearance of puffiness and normalizes blood pressure.Thank
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