How to choose your fragrance?

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04 April 2016

Everyone, according to their own tastes, prefers a certain flavor.However, the selection of spirits is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of temperament and appearance of a person.So how do you choose your fragrance?This will tell you women online magazine LadyElena.

When choosing a fragrance must always remember that the spirits - a finishing touch to the work on its own way the ideal woman.It is very important to choose the right smell, not to minimize the effort of creating its image.

Women summer type accompany noble, mysterious and memorable smells - floral and exotic.Fruit heavy or too harsh spirits such women do not fit.Women summer type ideal fragrance with floral aroma, slightly sweet and feminine.

Women Autumn type suitable aromas with notes of deep, warm and inviting.Their extravagance emphasizes the noble and rich, but not too aggressive flavor.These women fit oriental flavors.They resemble sweet fruit flavors, the smell of tropical forests.From them comes the warmth a

nd femininity.This perfume tart, lush, spicy, elegant and sexy.Women Autumn type suitable aromas of exotic tree species.The color of these darker spirits of others.

spokeswoman winter type fit and strong, even harsh odors.This exotic flavors of the East with the mysterious and sultry notes.Women winter type perfect perfume with the scent of musk and sandalwood and fruity aromas.

Women spring type should give up heavy odors, so as not to attract undue attention.Their scents should be slightly perceptible.This fresh floral and fruity aromas.Perfume should envelop the gentle mist and should not be heavy and sweet.

correctly pick up a perfume, your style will be perfect!