Wedding Cake 2014

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26 March 2016

Wedding - one of the most important and special events in the life of every human being, so it is important to consider everything in advance and analyze not just one little thing that could spoil the impression of a holiday.The wedding is important to all: the bride, the groom's suit, bridal bouquet and hair, manicure and makeup. not least in preparation for the celebration take organizational issues, is the search for the banquet hall, the decorations on the car, photo and video, but the focus in wedding troubles should be given wedding cake , since he is the culmination of the celebrations, andas it puts an end to a festive program.

If you think that the wedding fashion applies only to dress the outer image of the bride, accessories and jewelry, then you are wrong. Fashion for wedding cakes also exist!Each year, confectioners offer us more and more design options for festive wedding cakes.So if you do decide to make a stylish wedding, you should take into account the trends of 2014 and decide whe

re the wedding cake according to the new fashion trends.

Before ordering a wedding cake, you must first know how many visitors come to your wedding, because it is of their number depends on the mass and volume of the cake.Each confectioner must have pictures and descriptions of the composition of cakes, focusing on that and you can find the best option.

course, every couple wants their wedding cake was unusual and it is very tasty.Therefore, the world's confectioners have prepared a variety of options for the symbol of celebration and decorations for it.

In 2014 fashionable to use gold and silver decorations for cakes , after coming Year of the Horse, and she loved all beautiful.

still does not lose relevance bright glaze , which in the coming season can be any color, but it is preferable to give a choice in favor of blue, chocolate, pistachio, pink, red, bright orange or lemon.If your pastry will ask you to put on the icing geometric pattern , do not rush to give up, in fact, he is able to give the cake a festive look, turning it into a real masterpiece of culinary skill.Well, if you have not found your confectioner, you should type in a search to order a wedding cake prices, and said it was delicious and trendy cake is ready.

Originally will look in 2014 plain colors wedding cakes, you will need to be decorated with bright edging or contrasting color details .

novelty in the world of culinary arts can be considered decoration of the cake cream or chocolate items, and fresh flowers .It is this approach and is used for wedding cakes options, and choose the best exotic flowers such as orchids, lilies, jasmine, Hawaiian rose.If you like roses or chrysanthemums, you can feel free to choose their favorite colors for decorations, right cake will look elegant and refined.

Speaking about stuffing , then in 2014, confectioners still offer to choose her own preferences: cream, sweet curd filling, nougat, caramel, cream, meringue, fruit, marmalade, biscuits, yogurt or chocolate.Giving preference to one or another stuffing, important to remember that the cake should be easy, as it is presented at the end of the feast, when the guests were well fed.

Whatever wedding cake you choose, it must be done individually designed for color design to coincide with the tone of the ceremony, at the same time be trendy and tasty.

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