Marry a Muslim - my story

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26 March 2016

Religion - everyone's business, you will agree, but what to do when religious beliefs are not the same, faced with the language barrier and unbearably long time to be from home?But what about the eternal love and fairy tales from my childhood on the beautiful prince on a white horse?It so happens that in the life of a prince is not a prince, but instead an old cart horse, donkey.

not all happen smoothly

Alisher we met on a dating site.The young man liked immediately: a pleasant companion, education, manners.We talked for three months, during which time she learned that he had temporarily come to Russia to work, no family.I decided to meet after much persuasion.We met in the park, that surprised, because it is the focus, and he apologized for his "not Russian", but good looks likable.So it took another six months, he invited me to his home - to Uzbekistan.I had nothing to lose.Relationships with family were corrupted, stable operation was not, and I wanted to travel and fairy tale.He promised a warm

welcome parents, private apartment, a trip to the sea and a lot more then.And I decided to marry a Muslim.

From his promises fulfilled only one - a trip on the lake, as it turned out on a place in Uzbekistan even close there was no sea, along with its many sisters, brothers, nephews and friends.The family greeted me coldly, it became clear that I was seriously they do not perceive.The apartment was not his, and his brother, who moved to Kazakhstan with his family.Well, though I bathed in the lake.

I can not say that I loved him a wild love.But affection was exactly . Because when he called me married, I agreed without thinking.I finally become his wife, even I dream did not think that after five months of relationship someone decides to say goodbye to the bachelor life.

mind was already beautifully decorated room, and I'm in a luxurious white dress, but not fantasies come true.As explained to me by my future husband, married in a Muslim country - is not a registration in the registry office, and the reading of the mosque in the Nikah.And for that I necessarily had to convert to Islam.Well, that will not do for love?So, for two weeks, I went from the "Our Father" to "O Allah," and became a married lady.

should be noted that at first marriage, I felt like a real woman, not even a woman.Alisher worked in the company of his uncle, earned decent by local standards.Not spoiled with gifts, but in the house there.Helping with the housework: the weekend went to market and bought food for the week, as it turned out, it is a custom of the local people.I was forbidden to work, said he was a man, which means he feed his family, why not a joy for a woman?It seems to be no problems, but I can not feel at ease.Relatives of it so I never admit it, but the family did not climb that happy.Friends, too, was not, I left the house rarely.Increasingly he missed his native land.With time and the relationship began to deteriorate.

To be called a Muslim and they have - are essentially different things.If I like the fact that it allows you to dress as I want to paint and to communicate with people, his commitment to Western traditions partial bogey.First he began to drink.Every weekend with friends in Chaykhona, then more and more at a party or brought to our home.Then the husband began to stare at other women, I write it off to the east like, but when the neighbors talked openly about his campaigns "left" and drunken squabbles at home, I decided to talk to him.The first slap sobered me completely.It was a wild cry, he pointed to my place.And if earlier it somehow reconciled with my willfulness, but now can not stand going to, and now I am strictly forbidden to leave the house without his knowledge.I said nothing, but long tolerate such an attitude did not allow character.The first thing I bought a ticket on deferred since the arrival of the money.She took only the essentials things and left.

I think that Alisher could not even imagine that I throw.My life in a Muslim family did not bring anything other than constant humiliations and limitations.In Muslim countries, young wife wildly afraid that one day the husband not only divorce but also expel from the house.And this is now a humiliation for the family of the bride, no one will want to marry a girl again.Therefore, and have to endure her husband's drunken antics, frequent beatings, and the children of Muslim laws remain with his father, and no court can help a desperate mother.

1000 and 1 night

should say at once that the Muslim Muslim strife.My friend was lucky a lot more.Their story reminds me of the oriental fairy tale: A young and handsome guy falls madly in love charming student of English philology from the hinterland.They lived happily ever after in the United Arab Emirates and live to this day.

Tanya always dreamed of faraway countries and uncharted territories.For a long time to decide where to go as the last summer vacation.After much thought chose the sunny city of Dubai.There she met the beauty in the future husband.She immediately warned that this is a holiday romance and continued he should not count on.Two weeks passed like Sirhan moment.They exchanged phone numbers, and Tanya thought that she would never see her friend overseas.No matter how true!Constant calls, chat through Skype made them first real friend.A few months later Sirhan appeared unannounced on her doorstep.Saying that she and her parents were shocked - to say nothing!He invited her to work as a translator in the shop of his family, because in Dubai often come to the Russian tourists, she, without thinking twice, agreed.The work she liked, and communication with Sirhan more.He appreciated her culture, language and customs.So friendship grew into a huge fiery love, and then in a formal marriage.Tania Islam adopted recently, on their own initiative.No one pressured her, she was not practicing Muslim, according to the Koran tries to comply with regulations.Sirhan, in turn, gives complete freedom to his wife, it can affect frequent communication with foreigners and perhaps the love works wonders.Of course, there were little quarrels and scandals, but they could always find a compromise.Tanya never feel slighted in their rights, she lives happily and nothing to regret.Why not a fairy tale?

She was lucky, it happens once in a thousand cases, you say.Probably, no one knows.Someone may suffer, survive and move on, while others will fight for their happiness to the end.It does not matter, you are a Muslim or Orthodox, Jew or Buddhist, the happiness to be found behind the hill, in warm countries, where people are friendly and responsive.Do not get married for religion, but for a man, because a marriage made in heaven.Instead


So you've decided - "going to marry a Muslim", then be prepared for:

  • you will have to convert to Islam.Sooner or later it will happen, believe me, you will not be able to disobey her husband ... is allowed in Islam to marry a "wrong" woman (Christian), but only with a view to her to convert to Islam.You have to honor the faith of her husband, and then take it and live by its laws and regulations.
  • accepting Islam, you must know and comply with all the traditions.This also applies to clothing.Are you ready to go, even in summer garments that hide the body?Yes, there are shops Islamic clothing, where you can find even a festive dress, for example,, but they are very different from the usual us.But the clothes - not the most unusual.Are you ready to ask her husband's permission to go to visit?A lower his eyes when they met with a man?And silently walk?And listen to all over-in-law and swallowed reproaches and resentment?And to put up with polygamy and change ???
  • Your husband is the family head, his word "law" and you do not want to disobey the law.According to the requirements of the Quran you should be submissive (not to deny her husband in the vicinity), suffer the punishment (the husband is entitled Muslim to beat his wife even for minor infractions, disobedience, and even just to improve her character).
  • you - nobody!Your opinion is not interesting either husband or his relatives, especially if you are young.If you are bold enough to contradict her mother in law, the husband of a good you get, even if that is wrong.
  • file for divorce, you have no right, but the husband may have to drive at any time for any reason (with or without cause).Children stay with her husband.And suffice it to say it three times in front of witnesses, "You are not my wife," and you're left with no common law, finance, support and children in a foreign country.

can still tell a lot, but I think that's enough for you, getting married to a Muslim, think a hundred times - but you need it?However, if you do decide to take this step, then, in spite of the great love and beautiful promises, contact a lawyer, so then do not bite your elbows.