Where to go on honeymoon?

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25 March 2016

Honeymoon - this, of course, romance!Peace is no more, there are only two loving hearts.Festive mess, traditions, rituals, guests and relatives left behind, and now only the sea in front of an endless happiness ...

What to look

course, you need to think in advance where to go on their honeymoon.Selection criteria - is the desire of young and available budget.Of course, well, if funds allow to go to anywhere in the world, but it is not important.The main task - to find a place where both newlyweds will feel happy.

So the first thing you need to consider - a style of travel.What holiday is preferable: a calm and relaxed or active?Is it important whether the historical significance of the selected country or comfort a priority?If you dream of a lifetime - a break on the shores of the azure sea, is the time to carry it out.But fans of outdoor activities may appeal to a ski resort in the Alps.

Desire - this is certainly good, but we must not forget about the consequences of climate change.Unfortunate

ly, not all are able to easily change their place of residence.In addition, sometimes a flight to another country is extremely undesirable for health reasons.All this must be taken into account.Should think in advance what the climate is preferable.If rain causes depression, it is not necessary to go to Britain or Japan.If there are diseases of the cardiovascular system, holidays in hot countries such as Egypt, is strictly forbidden.

Alas, the political situation is not always quiet.Riots and armed conflict periodically flare up.If you vacation in style westerns is not appropriate, you should pre-assess the stability of the situation in the selected country.Peace and order - good honeymoon.

romantic trip taken to prepare in advance, it is not necessary to decide where to go on a romantic journey hastily and thoughtlessly.That all went well, it is advisable not to save.Typically, for the convenience of resort to the help of travel agencies.Of course, it is theoretically possible to try to organize the rest on their own, but this trip will bring you joy?Resolving issues with the documents, booking and booking rooms at the hotel - it quite troublesome, and even the young have to organize the wedding.In addition, lack of knowledge of the situation increases the risk of meeting with the scammers.Tours - also a bad option for a honeymoon.Rest in haste is not for the occasion.Miser pays twice, and the imaginary economy is able to completely dispel all the romance.

most popular destinations for honeymoon

So where to go for a romantic trip?In the first place, of course, Paris.Here the very air is saturated with romance.Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral - these attractions are on everyone's lips, and perhaps everyone wants to see them with my own eyes.And who does not want to plunge into the charm of the baroque style, and visit the world-famous city monument Versailles?The spirit of the kings of France and the heyday of the charm of crinolines and wigs, the variety of stucco and painted the walls of the famous masters - everything speaks of the greatness of the past.Art lovers will relish the greatest to visit the Louvre Museum.Masterpieces of world scale will not leave anyone indifferent.During a romantic stroll, you can ride on a boat on the Seine or visit the small café.France, Paris, a table for two, gentle crispy croissants with a cup of coffee - what else is necessary for happiness?

Venice - a dream lovers.Honeymoon in Italy - it is always a lot of emotion and romance.Travel canals on a gondola remembered for a lifetime.The beautiful architecture, historical sites, bridges over the narrow streets create a wonderful combination of beauty and romance.Unfortunately, the rest is not cheap.Tour to Venice is considered one of the most expensive in Europe.

Petersburg is available to all.Besides the historical richness of the northern capital of enormous importance and can easily compete with any in the world.Every street, every house hold a piece of the past.Winter Palace - a treasure trove of masterpieces of universal scale.The Russian museum contains pictures of famous artists.As rivers and water channels of St. Petersburg regularly hosts tours by boat.Is not it intriguing to visit the famous Summer Garden, very favorite Russian classics?Peterhof with its world-famous fountains is often called the Russian analogue of Versailles.A couple in love is easy to find a place here for privacy.

If you prefer a relaxing holiday by the sea, then you should consider the coast of Italy or France.Unfortunately, the Turkish resorts can not be called the best one for our honeymoon, because the situation in the country is restless.Do not forget about domestic resorts.Always ready to take lovers in Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.Unique healing climatic features and the absence of problems with visa make these options are very attractive.

Another way to have a good rest - it is a cruise.There is no need to worry about food or about the time.You can select how expensive ship in the vast ocean and sail along the river such as the Volga.A romantic trip on the "Golden Ring" will benefit both body and soul.

And do not forget to listen to the desires of each other.Honeymoon must bring joy to both lovers.