Lunar calendar for May 2015

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29 March 2016

lunnyj-kalendar-na-maj-2015 A large number of rituals and beliefs we owe to our ancestors.At all times people attached great importance to the position of the stars over his head and tied them with the events of his own life.Through the centuries we heard these sacred knowledge collected in one calendar system. better deal with at the time when the moon enters the growth, to attract money in your home, what troubles and failures can take it with him to the dark side, when you go on the decline - all tell a lunar calendar in May 2015.

Family counselor and reliable friend of each family, which honored traditions and listen to the ancient wisdom of generations.Lunar calendar for May 2015 - an indispensable tool in the affairs of love, financial matters, solving complex problems and dreams.For each there is a clue in it, through which is reachable best of all possible results.

This lunar calendar corresponds to the Moscow time zone (UTS +4: 00).When it is used by those who live in other areas need to take this into account.

date Weekday Lunar day Home lunar day end of lunar day Moon Phase Home moon phases Zodiac
1 Fri 14 01.05.2015 B18: 03 02.05.2015 at 19:10 Scales
2 Sat 15 02.05.2015 at 19:10 03.05.2015 B19: 08 Scales
3 Sun 16 03.04.2015 B19: 08 04.05.2015 B20: 18 Scorpio
4 Mon 17 04.05.2015 B20: 18 05.05.2015 B21: 26 Full Moon 7:43 Scorpio
5 W 18 05.05.2015 B21: 26 05.06.2015 B22: 32 Sagittarius
6 Average 19 06.05.2015 B22: 32 Sagittarius
7 Thu 19 08.05.2015 v00 29 Capricorn
8 Fri 20 08.05.2015 v00 29 09.05.2015 B01: 17 Capricorn
9 Sat 21 09.05.2015 B01: 17 10.05.2015 B01: 57 Capricorn
10 Sun 22 05.10.2015 B01: 57 11.05.2015 B02: 31 Aquarius
11 Mon 23 11.05.2015 B02: 31 12.05.2015 B03: 00 waning moon 14:37 Aquarius
12 W 24 12.05.2015 B03: 00 13.05.2015 B03: 27 Fish
13 Average 25 13.05.2015 B03: 27 14.05.2015 B03: 52 Fish
14 Thu 26 14.05.2015 B03: 52 15.05.2015 B04: 16 Aries
15 Fri 27 15.05.2015 B04: 16 16.05.2015 B04: 43 Aries
Sat 16 28 16.05.2015 B04: 43 17.05.2015 B05: 13 Taurus
17 Sun 29 17.05.2015 B05: 13 18.05.2015 B08: 14 Taurus
18 Mon 30/1 18.05.2015 B08: 14 19.05.2015 B06: 29 Moon 8:14 Twins
19 W 2 19.05.2015 B06: 29 20.05.2015 B07: 18 Twins
20 Average 3 20.05.2015 B07: 18 21.05.2015 B08: 14 Cancer
21 Thu 4 21.05.2015 B08: 14 22.05.2015 B09: 14 Cancer
22 Fri 5 22.05.2015 B09: 14 23.05.2015 B10: 19 Cancer
23 Sat 6 23.05.2015 B10: 19 24.05.2015 B11: 24 Leo
24 Sun 7 24.05.2015 B11: 24 25.05.2015 B12:30 Leo
25 Mon 8 25.05.2015 B12: 30 26.05.2015 B13: 36 young moon 21:20 Virgin
26 W 9 26.05.2015 B13: 36 27.05.2015 B14: 42 Virgin
27 Average 10 27.05.2015 B14: 42 28.05.2015 B15: 48 Virgin
28 Thu 11 28.05.2015 B15: 48 29.05.2015 B16: 55 Scales
29 Fri 12 29.05.2015 B16: 55 30.05.2015 B18: 03 Scales
30 Sat 13 30.05.2015 B1803 31.05.2015 B19: 12 Scorpio
30 Sun 14 31.05.2015 B19: 12 01.06.2015 B20: 19 Scorpio

Lunar Calendar for May 2015 on days

May 1st.

first day of May, it is recommended to devote trips, games, commerce and any business, especially an important and global, as well as the information or exercise.If you are planning to change jobs, then you all will succeed.Solve crimes, and the positive influence of music is enhanced.Do not engage in magical activity, use perfume, overload sight, and if you have a weak moon, it is better not to look in the mirror.Do not forget that today can "pounce" melancholy, sadness.

on 2 May.

Treat yourself to Japanese cuisine: barley and legumes.You should not swear, eat apples, accept gifts.Your endeavors may meet obstacles.Not a good day for the family and sex.In such a traumatic period of possible phobias and hysteria, overloaded hormonal and regulatory functions of the body.You can eat both acute and lean, hot food.

May 3rd.

great time for cleaning houses and other peaceful affairs.You can do planning, reports, contacts, physical exercises that promote harmony.Be quiet and listen to your own heart.Avoid the use of fungi and animal food.Sex today is contraindicated.

May 4th.

good day for travel and trade, and the pleasures of the marital relationship.You can organize a banquet or a holiday feast, it is advisable to spend a day in a fun and relaxed, talking speech.But perhaps mental stress or trauma.

May 5th.

this day should renounce vanity, selfishness, you can practice purification of the mind and body.Favorable time for travel.It is impossible to drink, to smoke.Today may worsen the feeling of others, or your own imperfections.Pay close attention to the kidneys.The practice of massage, cleansing, bathing, rejuvenation, go to the bath and less sleep.It not recommended to eat meat food.

May 6th.

Ordinary things, walking and traveling alone are favorable to this day.We do not recommend to marry.The critical time for the mentally unstable people.Today vulnerable sigmoid colon and appendix.

May 8th.

a good day for any cases other than "necessary."It is better to spend time at home, to do economic concerns, traditions and family.Do not treat extrasensory - can be depleted.The best time for fasting.Shoulders, upper back and abdomen connected with this day.

May 9th.

favorable time for water treatment: shower, baths, douches, tempering.You can go to a new place of work.It is a day of association and friendship can give allegiance and be active.Do not ckandalit, to be alone, to do the heavy lifting.A good time for herbal medicine, physical activity, any purification and hygiene.The ability to easily give up bad habits.The load on the hematopoietic system and the liver is contraindicated.

May 10th.

Spend the day learning skills crafts or historical searches.Allows to predict and meditate, to share experiences and to teach others.It is not necessary to make new contacts, to start a new business or travel.Do not make sudden movements and take care of the lower part of the spine, hip belt, do not load the stomach.

May 11.

Home affairs, measures to protect, arrangement and cleaning of housing are welcome.Neutral time to travel.Today should be cleaned house fire candles and sprinkled with holy water.Avoid raging crowd.We do not recommend to marry, eat anything from meat, resist the temptation of revenge and provocation.Aggravation of sexual problems may occur, but the focus should be the spine.

May 12.

auspicious day for all undertakings working in the garden or building a house.It is recommended to actively use this day to promote health and enhance spirituality.It is advisable to prepare your medication, treatment and exercise.

May 13.If

will develop sensitivity, waiting, rest and contemplation, we can achieve a lot.Fasting and work to improve the spiritual level is welcome.Purification of the spiritual and physical toxins will be successful.Listen to your own inner voice, and do not rush.

May 14.

seek knowledge of life, the bad in people and correct assessment of reality.Remove the "mask".Do not strain, do not schedule meetings - a bad time for socializing.You can torment pride and nostalgia, but to work on them.We warn against wasting energy.

May 15th.

Boat trips - the best choice for this day.You should not look in the mirror.Practice procedures that are aimed at the removal of a nervous overstrain.

May 16.

good period for major undertakings, you can plant useful plants and plant good thoughts.Try to be in a good mood, look inside yourself and control emotions.Do not fell trees or pick flowers.We recommend to protect the head and monitor your blood pressure.Do not read a lot and avoid looking too bright light

on 17 May.

responsible and reliable protection from the negative state of mind - the main task of the day.Stick to fasting, abstinence, follow repentance and humility.You should not plan nothing new, except household needed Affairs.Do not carry items from horn or bone.Before going to bed will be useful to purify water and lower legs in very cold water.

May 18th.

food of the day should be light, avoid meat dishes.Working with stone is recommended.Try to relax emotionally and not seek to do all things at once.Do not tire, do not drink alcohol, do not eat hot and spicy food.Diseases can be long, but the patient is required to recover.

May 19.

good time to travel, diet, work, trade, understanding of greed and generosity.It should pay attention to the mouth and teeth, start fitovozdeystvie or cleaning, do not starve.

May 20th.

auspicious day for a hike in the bath, a sauna and it is recommended to do oriental martial arts.Working with metal is welcome, and do not forget to sharpen knives.Marriage is better to postpone the next day, do not be passive and weak.Increasing aggression may occur and should be paid more attention to the ears and neck.

May 21.

Trading, walking in nature and deal with flowers - the best pastime to this day.You can find a long-lost things.You can not pluck the flowers or cut down trees.

May 22.

recommended to pay more attention to the food consumed, but that does not mean you have to deny yourself food.Just do not overeat, do not eat animal food and fast.The esophagus and intestines may require your attention.

on 23 May.

this day you will find the stolen or missing things.If you tell us about your dream, it is not true.The most vulnerable to upper respiratory tract.The best day for rejuvenation.

May 24th.

This day can be devoted to buying things, marriage and adventure.You should not eat chicken or eggs, do not recommend to beat the dishes, try not to break anything and do not lie.Easily the most vulnerable today.

on 25 May.

If you think building a house, then you will succeed.Plan, engaged in remodeling and rearrangement.It is undesirable to bathe, wash, drink alcohol.Allowed to starve to clean the stomach and intestines and do not overlook the peripheral nervous system.Today it is possible to cook different drugs from any disease.

on 26 May.

devote their time to working in the garden and travel.Can recommend cleansing, control and passivity.The chest should be the focus of your attention, get ready for the Prevention of intercostal neuralgia, heart disease, angina.Due to the congestion may worsen mental phobia and suicidal tendencies.

May 27.

favorable time for family, recreation, guests.You can trade, buy, start big business.Repair or construction of the house will be used with ease.It is undesirable to sever relations.Ill becomes easier.

on 28 May.

Bring your business to the end.Knife or fork fall - is a hazard.We started a big deal - a loss.Unfavourable time to trade and any activity that is related to the risk of injury.Embark on a journey, you can schedule a transfer or terminate any business.The unfavorable period for unknown cases and the impact on patients.

May 29.

you get a revelation, dreams come true, prayers will be heard - anything is possible in this day.Allowed to give alms, make gifts, working in the garden, it is advisable to be attentive to himself, indulgent, but do not relax.Try to drink plenty of water, eat less roughage.It is a time of purification of the heart, lungs and upper respiratory tract.

May 30.

this day is best to engage in learning, cooking, baking bread.Good time for acquisition, stockpiling and manufacture of household items.Do not venturing major cases and go on a journey.Diseases can be dangerous, but all the drugs work well.Good effect give cosmetic and rejuvenation processes.

on 31 May.

great time for travel, games, commerce and other long-term and important cases.Changing the work goes well.Crimes disclosed.Music affects favorably.Recommended to work with information.Do not engage in magical activity, do not overload the vision, do not use perfume, and people with weak Moon should not look in the mirror.It will benefit the physical work.Remember that this day is associated with sadness and melancholy.