Lunar calendar for June 2015

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29 March 2016

lunnyj-kalendar-na-iyun-2015 moon - an ornament of the night sky, a bright mirror reflecting the sunlight at a time when even the light is on the other side of the horizon.In ancient times, with the changes and movement of this mysterious celestial object has been linked to many beliefs and adopt. Today, people use the lunar calendar to regulate their actions in different situations.Get answers to all sorts of questions - from the time of planting until the date of the negotiations with a favorable outcome - it is possible, consulting the lunar calendar for June 2015.

No such spheres of human life, for which the lunar calendar is not prepared to advice and valuable tips.Lunar cycles even under the control of our body that are sensitive to changes in the moon, and especially on the days of the full moon and new moon.Knowing these characteristics, one can harmonize the inner world with the melody of the universe.

This lunar calendar in June 2015 corresponds to the Moscow time zone (UTS +4: 00).When it is used by those who live in

other areas need to take this into account.

date Weekday Lunar day Home lunar day end of lunar day Moon Phase Home moon phases Zodiac
1 Mon 15 01.06.2015 B20: 19 02.06.2015 at 21:24 Sagittarius
2 W 16 02.06.2015 at 21:24 03.06.2015 B22: 23 Full Moon 20:20 Sagittarius
3 Average 17 03.06.2015 B22: 23 04.06.2015 B23: 15 Sagittarius
4 Thu 18 04.06.2015 B23: 15 05.06.2015 B23: 59 Capricorn
5 Fri 19 05.06.2015 B23: 59 Capricorn
6 Sat 19 07.06.2015 v00 36 Aquarius
7 Sun 20 07.06.2015 v00 36 08.06.2015 B01: 06 Aquarius
8 Mon 21 08.06.2015 B01: 06 09.06.2015 B01: 33 Fish
9 W 22 09.06.2015 B01: 33 10.06.2015 B01: 58 waning moon 19:43 Fish
10 Bp 23 10.06.2015 B01: 58 11.06.2015 B02: 22 Aries
11 Thu 24 11.06.2015 B02: 22 12.06.2015B02: 46 Aries
12 Fri 25 12.06.2015 B02: 46 13.06.2015 B03: 14 Taurus
13 Sat 26 13.06.2015 B03: 14 14.06.2015 B03: 45 Taurus
14 Sun 27 14.06.2015 B03: 45 15.06.2015 B04: 22 Twins
15 Mon 28 15.06.2015 B04: 22 16.06.2015 B18: 06 Twins
16 W 29/1 16.06.2015 B18: 06 17.05.2015 B05: 59 Moon 18:07 Twins
17 Average 2 17.05.2015 B05: 59 18.06.2015 B06: 58 Cancer
18 Thu 3 18.06.2015 B06: 58 19.06.2015 B08: 01 Cancer
19 Fri 4 19.06.2015 B08: 01 20.06.2015 B09: 07 Leo
20 Sat 5 20.06.2015 B09: 07 21.06.2015 B10: 14 Leo
21 Sun 6 21.06.2015 B10: 14 22.06.2015 B11: 21 Virgin
22 Mon 7 22.06.2015 B11: 21 23.06.2015 B12: 27 Virgin
23 W 8 23.06.2015 B12: 27 24.06.2015 B13: 32 Virgin
24 Average 9 24.06.2015 B13: 32 25.06.2015 B14:39 young moon 15:04 Scales
25 Thu 10 25.06.2015 B14: 39 26.06.2015 B15: 45 Scales
26 Fri 11 26.06.2015 B15: 45 27.06.2015 B16: 53 Scorpio
27 Sat 12 27.06.2015 B16: 53 28.06.2015 B18: 01 Scorpio
28 Sun 13 28.06.2015 B18: 01 29.06.2015 B19: 08 Scorpio
29 Mon 14 29.06.2015 B19: 08 30.06.2015 B20: 11 Sagittarius
30 W 15 30.06.2015 B2011 01.07.2015 B21: 07 Sagittarius

Lunar Calendar for June 2015 and the days

on 1 June.

favorable time for Japanese dishes: beans, barley.It is not recommended to eat apples, receiving gifts or swear.Not a good day for the family and sex, your business may encounter an obstacle.Try to avoid phobias and hysteria, follow the pancreas, hormonal and regulatory functions, they can be overwhelmed.Eat both acute and lean, hot dishes.

June 2nd.

This day is devoted for peaceful, cleaning the house, planning and reporting, contacts, physical exercises that promote harmony.It should not disturb the peace, do not eat animal food, only fish, not to kill the birds.Sex today is contraindicated.Not excluded arrhythmia, so listen to your own heart.

June 3rd.

good day for pleasure: fun, feasts, conjugal contact travel.This time, speeches and emancipation.But the mind can be stressful, and beware of injuries.

on June 4th.

opportune moment to leave on a trip.We must renounce vanity, selfishness, purify body and mind.It is not recommended to drink and smoke a lot, give up the plan and should not "hang tags".May weaken the kidneys.Practice the cleansing of the skin, go for a massage, in the bath.Do not eat meat, a lot of sleep.

June 6th.

great time for business as usual, traveling alone and walks.Do not marry.We mentally unstable people can happen crisis.The appendix and sigmoid colon are the most vulnerable places today.

June 7.

day is good for everything, except dull, "normal" concerns, especially with respect to committed people.Better to stay home and deal with family or economic issues.You can give a lot of energy and exhausted using for the treatment of psychic abilities.The best time for fasting.Bodies such as the upper back, shoulder blades, and the peritoneum have a connection with this day.

on 8 June.

Favorable pouring, hardening, baths, showers.It is now possible to move to a new job.It is necessary to give the oath of allegiance, to be active and to chat in the company - it is a day of uniting people.It is undesirable to swear and be alone, do not try to do all the hard work.Well it affects physical activity, hygiene, herbal medicine, any purification.It is easy to be able to give up bad habits.Load on the liver and hematopoietic system contraindicated, poisons and toxins are especially dangerous.

June 9th.Spend the day

acquire craft skills, forecasting practices and meditation, but the best thing to do studies, research their roots, archive work, teaching others and sharing experiences.No need to go on a journey, to start new businesses.The day is associated with the hip belt, the sacrum, the lower part of the spine.

June 10th.

good day for home bustle action to protect property, its construction and cleaning, sprinkling holy water and purification by fire candle.Travel - neutral.Try not to be in a raging crowd.Do not get married, there are meat dishes, give in to provocations and retaliate.Sexual problems can be confusing, but the main thing today - is the backbone.

June 11.

perfect time for new cases, in particular, the construction of the house and work in the garden.We must make full use of the nature of the treatment, to strengthen your health and increase the spiritual level, we recommend strength training and yoga.

on 12 June.

this day, you can achieve a great deal if you practice meditation, waiting, peace and develop sensitivity.Recommended work on increasing spirituality or take medical starvation.Listen to your own inner voice, and purified of toxins, it is not necessary to hurry.

June 13.

better to choose this day for the knowledge of life, the worst moments in people, a sober assessment of reality, removing the "masks", otherwise you can slack off, showing crass materialism and hypocrisy.Undesirable much strain or use the untested material to meet with anyone.It is easy to overspend their forces may wash over pride and nostalgia, but to work on these properties.

on 14 June.

good day for sea travel.It is not recommended to look in the mirror, to avoid feelings of inferiority.Favored procedure will act aimed at the removal of nervous tension.

on 15 June.

Big things, initiatives, purchases will be the best way.You can spread the good thoughts and good planting useful plants.Today, try to be in high spirits, to peer inside yourself, control the emotions.This day is associated with the head, watch your blood pressure, should read less and less likely to look at a bright light.

on 16 June.

this day should be responsible and to take the time device protection against bad mental states.Stick to fasting, abstinence, be humble and repent.Do not take anything new, except for the necessary domestic affairs.In the evening, cleanse the body of water and hold it up.Try to respect the peace and emotional rest, do not drink alcohol, spicy and hot food.Disease worsened, but the sick get better.

on 17 June.

The best time to travel, awareness of generosity and greed, creativity, diets trade.The day is associated with the teeth and the mouth, will be a good purification procedure, but not starvation.

on 18 June.

good choice of this day will be a hike in the bath, a sauna, a martial arts class.You can learn to work with metals and certainly sharpen knives.We do not recommend to marry, to be weak and passive.Beware of increasing aggression.Clean the bones, if you began to disturb pains in the neck.

June 19.

this day to be traded, a walk in nature, engaged in the flower garden.If you look, you are sure to find things missing for a long time.Do not pick flowers, and do not kill the trees.Diseases can be quite heavy.

on 20 June.

Pay particular attention to use the products.Do not starve, do not overeat and refuse animal food.With this day is connected intestines, digestive cancer and esophagus.

on 21 June.

this day be engaged in the search for the stolen or lost items, and you will certainly find them.Do not tell your dreams to come true all.Upper respiratory tract and bronchi are vulnerable today.Take time to rejuvenate.Patients will be able to quickly recover.

June 22.

This is the day when you can get married, make purchases and engage in adventures.You should not eat eggs and chicken, take care of the dishes, do not tear the paper.All the attention - the lungs.No need to pull teeth, but other operations will be good.

June 23.

this day dedicate the construction of houses, planning, redevelopment, permutations.Do not swim, do not wash and do not drink alcohol.Note the peripheral nervous system and the bowel and stomach, can engage their purification, fasting.The best time to prepare medicinal drugs, especially complex.

June 24th.

Spend time working in the garden and traveling.Recommended practice control, passivity and purification.The psyche is overloaded, it is expected aggravation of phobias and suicidal tendencies.Spend measures to prevent intercostal neuralgia, heart disease and angina.

June 25th.

Rest, stay with family and relatives, and any trade initiatives - this is what is recommended to do today.Repair and construction of the house will be used with ease.You should not break off relations.All the sick will be easier, including the hopeless.You can not starve.

June 26th.

this day fully complete all your business.Fallen forks and knives warn of possible danger.Do not start a major activity.Unfavorable time for trading, traumatic and unfamiliar things.You can move or take a trip.Today, there are sharp bursts of power of the body and the mind.Not a good time to gain exposure to patients.

on 27 June.

this day possible to get a revelation of prayer will be heard, and dreams can come true, be sure to give alms, make gifts, drink plenty of water to work in the garden, to be more attentive to her.This day indulgence, altruism, but do not relax.Try to eat less coarse meal.Undesirable stress on the heart and lungs.

June 28.

This day should be spent on education, cooking, bread, save up and purchase, manufacture objects economy.We do not recommend venturing major cases and travel.Diseases are dangerous, but great work and absorbed drugs, as well as means of cosmetics, good flow rejuvenation processes.

on 29 June.

Travel and important commercial business will go easy on that day, including a change of work.You should be disclosed crimes and beneficial effects of music intensified.We recommend working with the data, exercise classes and magic.Do not load the vision, do not use perfume, and people with weak Moon should not look in the mirror.Remember that often the "leans" melancholy and sadness.

on 30 June.

Japanese cuisine to be present on your desktop.Do not eat the apples, do not make trouble or accept gifts.Can meet any obstacles in the way of your business.Unwanted time to sex and family.Do not overload the hormonal and regulatory functions of the body, the pancreas, diaphragm beware of injury, tantrums and phobias.You can eat sharp, lean and hot dishes.