Lunar calendar for August 2015

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28 March 2016

lunnyj-kalendar-na-avgust-2015-goda Lunar calendar, contrary to widespread prejudice, is not only used by astrologers and fortune-tellers in their esoteric ceremonies and rituals, but also quite ordinary people, far from the world of shadows. For instance, growers are lunar phases to calculate the optimum planting date of each crop, and businessmen - to select the days of contracting and negotiation.Choose the best time for a meeting in love will also help the lunar calendar.

People who want to purge the body of toxins and parasites, and are guided by the position of the moon in the sky.Brain activity, investment gains, new beginnings, haircut hair - literally for every event in life there exists a piece of advice in the lunar calendar for August 2015.After consulting with him, you can make plans with more benefits for themselves and others.

This lunar calendar August 2015 corresponds to the Moscow time zone (UTC +4: 00).When it is used by those who live in other areas need to take this into account.

date Weekday Lunar day Home lunar day end of lunar day Moon Phase Home moon phases Zodiac
1 Average 18 01.08.2015 B21: 40 02.08.2015 at 22:08 Aquarius
2 Thu 19 02.08.2015 at 22:08 03.08.2015 B22: 34 Fish
3 Fri 20 03.08.2015 B22: 34 04.08.2015 B22: 59 Fish
4 Sat 21 04.08.2015 B22: 59 05.08.2015 B23: 25 Aries
5 Sun 22 05.08.2015 B23: 25 06.08.2015 B2354 Aries
6 Mon 23 06.08.2015 B23: 54 Taurus
7 W 23 08.08.2015 v00: 05 waning moon 6:04 Taurus
8 Average 24 08.08.2015 v00: 05 09.08.2015 B01: 04 Twins
9 Thu 25 09.08.2015 B01: 04 10.08.2015 B01: 49 Twins
10 Fri 26 10.08.2015 B01: 49 11.08.2015 B02: 41 Cancer
11 Sat 27 11.08.2015 B02: 41 12.08.2015 B03: 39 Cancer
12 Sun 28 12.08.2015 B03: 39 13.08.2015 B04: 42 Cancer
13 Mon 29 13.08.2015 B04: 42 14.08.2015 B18: 53 Leo
14 W 30/1 14.08.2015 B18: 53 15.08.2015B06: 53 Moon 18:55 Leo
15 Average 2 15.08.2015 B06: 53 16.08.2015 B07: 59 Virgin
16 Thu 3 16.08.2015 B07: 59 17.05.2015 B09: 06 Virgin
17 Fri 4 17.05.2015 B09:06 18.08.2015 B10: 11 Virgin
18 Sat 5 18.08.2015 B10: 11 19.08.2015 B11: 17 Scales
19 Sun 6 19.08.2015 B11: 17 20.08.2015 B12: 22 Scales
20 Mon 7 20.08.2015B12: 22 21.08.2015 B13: 28 Scorpio
21 W 8 21.08.2015 B13: 28 22.08.2015 B14: 33 Scorpio
22 Average 9 22.08.2015 B14: 33 23.08.2015 B15: 37 young moon 23:32 Scorpio
23 Thu 10 23.08.2015 B15: 37 24.08.2015 B16: 37 Sagittarius
24 Fri 11 24.08.2015 B16: 37 25.08.2015 B1732 Sagittarius
25 Sat 12 25.08.2015 B17: 32 26.08.2015 B18: 20 Capricorn
26 Sun 13 26.08.2015 B18: 20 27.08.2015 B19: 01 Capricorn
27 Pg 14 27.08.2015 B19: 01 28.08.2015 B19: 36 Aquarius
28 W 15 28.08.2015 B19: 36 29.08.2015 B20: 07 Aquarius
29 Average 16 29.08.2015 B20: 07 30.08.2015 B20: 34 Full Moon 22:36 Fish
30 Thu 17 30.08.2015 B2034 01.08.2015 B21: 01 Fish
31 Fri 18 30.08.2015 B21: 01 01.09.2015 B21: 28 Aries

Lunar Calendar for August 2015 to the days

August 1st.

this day is recommended to renounce selfishness, vanity, watching and cleaning the body and mind, or go traveling.It is impossible to drink and smoke too much, we do not advise to plan, "hang tags".On this day, the kidneys are weakened, pay attention to them.Recommended bath, massages, rejuvenation and skin cleansing, steam bath with abundant and less sleep, not to wake up in a broken state.It is desirable to exclude meat food.

August 2nd.

auspicious day for the everyday worries, travel and walks alone.Today is undesirable to marry.Crisis point for mentally ill people.On this day in the human body vulnerable places are the sigmoid colon and appendix.

August 3.

Day is suitable for all but the most "necessary" dull affairs, especially for motivated people.It is better to spend time at home, engaged in economic affairs, traditions and family.We do not recommend extrasensory treat not to be exhausted.The best time for fasting.The blades, the upper region of the back and abdomen connected with this day.

4th August.

excellent time for any water treatment: shower, baths, douches, tempering.It is today the transition to a new job will be favorable.It is not forbidden to give the oath of allegiance, should be active.This day is dedicated to friendship and bringing people together.We advise not ckandalit not be alone, doing the hard work do not try not to leave it all forces.Good time for physical activity, herbal medicine, hygiene and various purification.Bad habits easily catch the sake of health.Hepatic, and hematopoietic system associated with this afternoon, so avoid the burden on them.

August 5.

Spend the day learning, research, acquisition of craft skills, forecasting, meditating, archival work.You can transfer your own experience and teach others.It is undesirable to start new businesses, travel, contacts are not recommended.It should be particularly attentive to the sacrum, hip belt and the lower region of the spine, and should not make any sudden movements.

on 7 August.

this day be engaged in housing issues: household chores, activities for the protection of the house, its construction and cleaning.Take the protection of your home, carry out a sprinkling of holy water and purification by fire candle.Neutral time to travel.We do not recommend to deal with a raging crowd.Marry is undesirable, it is better not to eat any of the meat does not yield to the temptation of revenge and provocation.Diseases of the spine and sexual problems may be worsening.It is recommended that health and restorative measures.

August 8th.

new business, build a house and work in the garden are connected with this day.It's time to subdue the physical nature to use it to promote health and improve the spiritual level.The recommended strength training, yoga and cooking drugs.

August 9.

If you want to achieve a lot, you should develop a sensitivity, practice contemplation, rest and wait.It is necessary to engage in medical starvation and increased spirituality.Today, all must be cleansed from the physical and mental toxins, listen to your inner voice.Rush is contraindicated.

August 10th.

this day is to strive for knowledge of life, the removal of "masks," a sober assessment of reality.We do not recommend overwork, schedule meetings or use the untested material.Today you may be faced with pride and nostalgia.Try to work on these properties.

August 11.

auspicious day to take a sea voyage.It is undesirable to look in the mirror, so as not to feel defective.Measures to remove the tension will be effective.

on 12 August.

It is a day of great deals and undertakings, good thoughts, shopping and useful plants.Today, you have to be in a good mood, control emotions and look inward.It is necessary to protect the head, brain, not to look at a bright light, a smaller read and watch the blood pressure.

August 13.

time has come responsibility and protection against bad mental states.It is necessary to comply with abstinence, fasting, exercise humility and repentance, healing.It is not recommended to do anything but the most necessary household and everyday affairs.Cleaned with water and lower legs in cold water before going to bed.

on 14 August.

food of the day should be light, not coarse and not meat.It is recommended to work with stone, emotionally relax and just go with the stream, turning off the desires with the label "immediately implement".We advise not to overwork, do not drink alcohol or eat spicy food very hot.Patients get better, even after a long illness, possible aggravation of problems associated with the blockage of metabolic and excretory systems, as well as stone formation.

August 15th.

recommend to dedicate a day of travel, creativity, trade, diet, knowledge of generosity and greed.Pay attention to the condition of the teeth, mouth and upper palate, start fitovozdeystvie and purification.Fasting is not desirable.

August 16.

this day welcomed a visit bath, sauna, martial arts classes, work with metals.We recommend sharpening knives.We do not recommend to marry, to act passive and weak.Aggression increases.Soreness in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčneck or ears tells you to clean the bones.The patient will soon recover

August 17.

Classes flower garden, trade and nature walks are associated with this day.You'll find the long-lost things.We do not advise to tear any flowers or cut down trees.Beware of serious diseases.

August 18.

this day recommended to pay more attention to the food consumed.But do not deny yourself in it.Starve, overeat or eat animal food contraindicated.Take the improvement works of the esophagus, intestines and digestive glands.

on 19 August.

not recommend today to talk about their dreams, so they can come true.Lost or stolen items there.Today, the bronchi and the upper respiratory tract are especially vulnerable.Patients recover soon.A great day for rejuvenation.

August 20th.

auspicious day for adventure, to get married or buy things.We do not advise to beat the dishes, to eat chicken and eggs, to lie, to tear the letter, paper, books.Pay attention to your lungs.A good moment for surgery, but not pulling teeth.

August 21.

Tackle chores such as home construction, planning, transposition and redevelopment.Do not wash, bathe or drink alcohol.Allowed hungry and clean the intestines and stomach, to prepare drugs for any disease.It is necessary to pay attention to the peripheral nervous system.

August 22.

work in the garden and travel will be particularly easy in this day.Recommended control, purification, passivity.Pay attention to the chest, prevent angina, intercostal neuralgia, heart disease.Overloaded psyche, aggravated phobia and suicidal tendencies.

August 23.

It should devote more time to his family, to relax, to invite to visit relatives, go shopping and trade, start a big deal.It's easier to be the case to proceed to build and repair homes.Sever relations is not necessary.All ailing this day will become easier, even hopeless.We do not recommend fasting.

August 24.

necessary to bring to an end all the cases.Falling forks and knives warn you of the danger.We do not advise begin extensive Affairs, engage in commerce and activities related to the risk of injury.Good period for the travel and the completion of any cases.We do not recommend contact with the insects.You may encounter a surge in the power of the mind and body.Do not engage in unfamiliar chores.Unfavourable time to gain exposure to ill.

August 25.

this day be prepared to receive revelation, prayer can achieve their goals and dreams come true, be sure to give alms, working in the garden, give gifts, to drink the water in large quantities, to be more attentive to her, indulgent and not to relax.Try not to eat roughage.It is a time of purification of the heart, upper respiratory tract and lungs, stress on these organs are completely contraindicated.

August 26th.

Study, cooking and bread products, stockpiling, acquisition, creation of objects economy - the best lesson for today.We do not recommend venturing cases or extensive travel.Dangerous diseases may occur, but have learned well the drug.Excellent acting cosmetic and rejuvenation processes.

on 27 August.

auspicious day for the games, travel, commerce, all the cases, especially global and important.Work out a change of employment.Any crime that day disclosed.The positive influence of music intensified.Recommended work with the information.It is undesirable to engage in any magic, use perfume, to overload the vision, and people with weak Moon does not have to look in the mirror.Benefit any physical work, but avoid sadness and melancholy.

August 28.

this day your business may face obstacles.It is not necessary to eat apples to argue with someone and receive gifts.The day is unfavorable for sex and family.You can taste the specialties of Japanese cuisine.And hormonal overload the regulatory functions of the body, aggravated hysteria and phobias can happen injury.

on 29 August.

Spend the day in this peaceful affairs, planning reports and their preparation, house cleaning, exercise.It should remain calm.Do not eat animal food, and do not kill birds.Sex is contraindicated today and listen to your heart.

August 30th.

trade and travel, pleasure and marital relations, the paired contacts, banquets and celebrations, feasts and fun - it's your business for today.Avoid strenuous mental and injuries.

August 31st.

good day for traveling, getting rid of selfishness, vanity, the practice of cleansing the body and mind.Do not be in a drunken state, "to label" a lot of smoke.Pay attention to the kidneys, because on this day, they are weakened.Good will be the procedures for skin cleansing and rejuvenation, bathing and massages.Do not sleep too long and do not eat meat food.