Lunar calendar for February 2016

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26 March 2016

lunnyj-kalendar-na-yanvar-2016-goda influence of the moon on the human was noted thousands of years ago.Mankind initially and begin to live according to the lunar calendar, calculating auspicious days for sowing, conception, change activity, marriage, or adoption of important decisions such as when to go on the hunt to make it successful.And these calculations always worked well as it should.
moon affects our bodies unbeknownst to us.We just do not understand why today we have the energy of the key hit, and tomorrow we feel the decay and apathy.To know when to be active and when to rest, when to take an important decision, and when to wait, when to do the operation, and when it defer, you need to check with the lunar calendar.In the days of the maximum lunar activity all your endeavors will be successful in its descending phase, and your best bet is to relax and unwind.That you bring your body back into balance with the natural cycles, and begin to live a full, active life, without great anxiety and nervous breakdowns.

moon - it is your assistant in competent and correct statement of his life.Use the tips of the lunar calendar in February 2016 and see how you became easier and calmer.

Lunar Calendar for February 2016 - Table

date Weekday Lunar day Moon moonset lunar phase Zodiac
1 Monday 22 2:26 12:22 Waning Crescent Scorpio
2 Tuesday 23 3:31 12:50 Waning Crescent Scorpio
3 Wednesday 24 4:34 13:23 Waning Crescent Sagittarius
4 Thursday 25 5:36 14:04 Waning Crescent Sagittarius
5 Friday 26 6:33 14:55 Waning Crescent Sagittarius
6 Saturday 27 7:23 15:56 Waning Crescent Capricorn
7 Sunday 28 8:07 17:06 Waning Crescent Capricorn
8 Monday 29 8:43 18:23 Moon Aquarius
9 Tuesday 1 9:15 19:45 Moon Aquarius
10 Wednesday 2 9:42 21:07 Rastuschiypolumesyats Fish
11 Thursday 3 10:08 22:30 Rastuschiypolumesyats Fish
12 Friday 4 10:33 23:53 Rastuschiypolumesyats Aries
13 Saturday 5 10:59 Rastuschiypolumesyats Aries
14 Sunday 6 11:28 1:13 Rastuschiypolumesyats Taurus
15 Monday 7 12:01 2:31 first quarter Taurus
16 Tuesday 8 12:40 3:45 NarastayuschayaLuna Twins
17 Wednesday 9 13:26 4:51 NarastayuschayaLuna Twins
18 Thursday 10 14:19 5:49 NarastayuschayaLuna Twins
19 Friday 11 15:19 6:38 NarastayuschayaLuna Cancer
20 Saturday 12 16:24 7:18 NarastayuschayaLuna Cancer
21 Sunday 13 17:31 7:50 NarastayuschayaLuna Leo
22 Monday 14 18:40 8:18 Leo Full Moon
23 Tuesday 15 19:47 8:41 Virgo Full Moon
24 Wednesday 16 20:55 9:02 UbyvayuschayaLuna Virgin
25 Thursday 17 22:01 9:22 UbyvayuschayaLuna Virgin
26 Friday 18 23:06 9:42 UbyvayuschayaLuna Scales
27 Saturday 19 10:03 UbyvayuschayaLuna Scales
28 Sunday 20 00:12 10:25 UbyvayuschayaLuna Scorpio
29 Monday 21 1:16 10:51 UbyvayuschayaLuna Scorpio

What awaits us in February 2016 of the lunar calendar?As

January was a month of calm and reflection, study objectives and action planning, as February - a month of implementation of decisions in life.That's right the 1st day of, and begin!

Moon in Scorpio activates all mental processes, increases concentration and the ability to separate the "wheat from the chaff."On this day you will be unusually perceptive and easily solve any problem.

This state will last until the 4th, but the February 5 recommend to slow down and look over everything done.Consider, if you find mistakes, do not throw to correct them immediately, wait a few days.During this time, you will surely find a better solution.

February 6th day of poor in almost all spheres.The best way to spend it with family.Follow emotions.Available flash unjustified aggression or the emergence of "whining" state.It is also very likely injury, be careful on the roads.

Starting from 7 February to 17 th - everything goes well, but do not relax.Stay calm and sober view of things.Perhaps a new acquaintance, that will bring benefit to you in the future.During this period, you can restore the old relationship or meet their "soul mate."

During this period, you are open-minded and absorbed the feelings and sensations.Spend more time outdoors, communicate with friends, take time to children and do not forget to visit elderly relatives.

Since February 17 begins the stagnation in business.You may find that everything falls apart, everything that you have done before - it does not even have to change course.Do not give in.It's just the negative influence of the Moon, which will last only 5 days.The worst month of February - 20 th day.Be extremely careful and attentive throughout.Do not give in to provocations - and they will not get involved in disputes and keep cool as possible.If these days you had a fight with my boyfriend, it will establish relations very difficult.

February 24 - the best day of the month.You are cheerful and active, do not waste time in vain - start a new project, make what has long wanted.On this day your wishes will be implemented as if by magic.

At the beginning and the end of February is a good time to pass inspection in the clinic or routine treatment.Also, any cosmetic procedure, will bring a much greater effect than on other days.

And one day, which should pay attention - this is February 27.Waning Moon weaken your strength, you will feel a little apathy.Heal books and good movies, assemble a party, invite your friends.But do not abuse alcohol!In this day of excess drinking you will not have fun, and sad, and the next day you will feel no better.

In the last days of the month you can relax.Engage in self-improvement, visit the gym or go with the child on a sled.The rest of the case is postponed for March - next month they will be solved easier and faster.