Quince jam in the bread machine

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
01 August 2016

Modern technologies facilitate human existence, carrying him most of the work.Computers allow us access to information, mobile phones - a constant and high-quality communication.As for the kitchen, the appliances eliminates the hours of presence at the plate in order to achieve the desired result, and the assistants are not only gas cookers and microwave ovens, but also various mixers, Multivarki and bread machine.

cooking in the bread maker: the pros and cons

Have you ever heard that the meals (except bakery products) were prepared in the bread maker?"It is impossible," - say many housewives, but in vain, because this technique not only reduces the time of preparation of some dishes, but significantly alters the taste.You will not have to feel the sweet taste of jam because of its long digestion and vegetables are tastier thanks to the power saving mode of preparation as a result of which they are not exposed to strong heat treatment and do not absorb harmful carcinogens.In general, all this can be

written in one big plus bread machine.

The obvious disadvantage is, of course, the high cost of such equipment, so not all citizens have the opportunity to acquire it.That is why the recipes for dishes in bread maker is still not very popular in Russia and only gaining its fans who have already purchased a useful and very convenient technique.

How to cook quince jam with the bread maker?

Quince - oriental fruit used for cooking generally preserves and jams.It is perfectly suited for these recipes because of soft and slightly rough texture and a pleasant smell and exquisite.Overall, a great jam diversify your diet, becoming very tasty and useful dessert for the whole family.

Recipe for quince jam is quite simple and requires ingredients in the following proportions:

  • quince - 800 grams;
  • lemon juice - 3 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 500 grams;
  • cinnamon or vanilla - to taste.


  1. Quince purify running water to remove all the peel and core.The fruit cut into small cubes based on the fact that in the process they seethe to a smaller size.
  2. cut the fruit quince pour lemon juice.If desired, it can be replaced by a lemon, which also washed, cleaned and cut into slices.
  3. to the ingredients we add sugar and cinnamon.We leave for 15 minutes, so that they were mixed and soaked.
  4. Arrange the ingredients in the bread machine in the heat-resistant container, and sets the "Jam" with 1.5 hour interval.

Ready jam expanded in banks and stored in the refrigerator.Bon Appetit!