Fig jam with lemon

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
01 August 2016

jam made from figs with lemon, will be one of the favorite dishes that you can pamper their loved ones in the winter evenings.And rest assured, each of the guests who will be able to try a jam, be nice and quite unexpectedly surprised!

Figs brought to us from Turkey, China and Central Asia.These fruits have an excellent flavor.Substances contained in figs bodryasche affect the body, resulting in its tone.

jam should be selected only healthy and ripe fruit.It feels tight, but easy to compress when pressed.The rind should be smooth, monochromatic.Well, if you have the opportunity to see the fruit of the fig in the section.If there is a large number of seeds, it means that you have got the most mature, and it turns and the most delicious figs, you can safely buy them.

To make fig jam kilogram, taking a pound of sugar, two lemons, vinegar (2 ch. L.).With each fruit carefully cut tails, but not to the base.After making the cut in the knife recess for about half a centimeter, jabbing a knife several times


squeezed lemon juice first directly into the pan, where it will cook the jam, and then what's left is cut into small pieces, remove all bones.If the finished jam somehow will have a bitter taste, so part of the lemon seed left.By

lemon juice poured vinegar and a glass of water.The resulting liquid is added sugar and trying to stir it completely, bring to a boil.After putting lemon and boil for another 10 minutes.Should form a foam, it must be clean.

figs put all at once, while for cooking jam are trying to use is completely dry the fruit, so it should be washed beforehand.Wet figs once cracked that kind of spoil food.Once all the ingredients Prokip 5 minutes, the pot should be removed from the heat and leave for a three-hour infusion.

after container is heated again and, once again boil the jam, clean again for three hours to cool down.This is repeated a total of four times, and then spread cooked meal into sterilized jars and removed for further storage.

Jam turns out delicious, and besides, it will save you from anemia and angina, improve heart and gastrointestinal tract, give long cheerfulness!Prepared dishes and large portions can, cans for storage is better to choose from 1 to 1.5 liters.