Kumquat jam

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01 August 2016

Unfortunately, not everyone is known for amazing citrus fruit - kumquat.He often referred to as a fabulous Mandarin, some call it simply the Japanese orange.Due to its medicinal properties, this fruit has been one of the favorite among the Chinese sages.Kumquat is very useful, it certainly everyone should try and get some delicious jam kumquat and say nothing at all!

To make use of this jam juice of citrus fruits, but for the lack of it is quite possible to replace the water.Per kilogram of sugar kumquat it needs 800 g, and oranges and lemons - 2 pieces.

Fruits kumquat to wash and remove the bones of them.To do this, they are cut in half, the fruits are very small (no more than a walnut), so the smaller they do not need to be cut.Selected bones will not throw away their tied in a piece of cheesecloth and put in the cooking pot of jam.If the bone is not used, it will have a long time to boil down a dish of jelly state.

Fruits kumquat is no need to be cleaned of skin.Firstly, it is also very tasty, an

d secondly, it contains a wide variety of nutrients and all the vitamins, and so their use entirely.

have squeezed orange and lemon juice.This can be done by hand, squeezing the fruit.If you use water, it suffices to take 300 grams Kumquats spread into a pan, and poured them into the citrus juice, then put the sugar and repeatedly hurt, leave to infuse fruit about three hours, during which time several times mixed.

After kumquat jam put on a slow fire, fruits boiled in half an hour after boiling.During cooking, you need to stop a few times, do not forget to put it in a pot seeds.

Ready extracted from kumquat syrup, and the liquid is boiled to a jelly state for another half hour.After take out the bones and discarded, and the previously cooked fruits dipped in jelly and give simmer for another 10 minutes.

Ready kumquat jam is spread on the banks still hot.Can store in the refrigerator.Properly cooked meal after cooling will be like jelly.Color jam reminiscent of honey, and the fruits obtained transparent.

This is such an unusual delicacy obtained from these small and appetizing hybrids.In the harsh winter days it would be a great boon jam, because it has a therapeutic effect for colds!