Juice from pumpkin and apples

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
01 August 2016

Pumpkin - a vegetable that came to us from Mexico.In this country since time immemorial pumpkin valued as tasty and healthy treats.And in Russia pumpkin appreciated.Even children know about the benefits of this fruit, which ripens in the fall of gardens and orchards.The pumpkin contains minerals and vitamins.A vegetable fiber that is not digested in full, help clean the intestinal wall, bringing toxins.

One way to use a pumpkin - is juicing out of it.Total glass of this delicacy is able to provide daily rate of consumption of the most essential vitamins and minerals.Pumpkin juice has a bright and rich sweet flavor.But taste, which still remains in its preparation, not everyone likes.In order to "mask" the taste of pumpkin, pumpkin juice to add other components.

perfectly with pumpkin juice apple juice.He adds it to their sour taste and aroma.Fresh pumpkin and apple juice - the best drink to maintain immunity.To make it, take in equal proportions of the fruits of apples and pumpkins, squeeze juice fro

m them and mix.Drink freshly made juice is needed immediately, as it can not be stored.

If you want to prepare the juice from the pumpkin and apples for the winter, then follow the guidelines.First prepare the fruit for processing.Apples are better to take the green, but the suit and any other thing that the fruits were dense and neperespevshimi.Pumpkin should be young with a bright orange flesh and weighing up to seven kilograms.It is in these vegetables is the flesh juicy and the maximum vitamin content.

for harvesting juice for the winter, you will need a kilo and a kilo of apples pumpkins.Vegetables and fruit from the seeds and clean the skin, pass them through a juicer.Mix the resulting juice in a large saucepan or in a bowl, add a cup of sugar and put the stew.For a taste you can add finely grated zest of one lemon, but you can do without it.

Juice is not necessary to bring to a boil and boil all the more.The approximate temperature at which prepares juice should not exceed 90 ° C.Reduce heat to low, and then the juice on the plate without letting it boil for 5-7 minutes.Then pour the hot product on a specially prepared sterilized jars and lids roll up boiled.Wrap up the banks to slow cooling, and about a day can already remove them for storage in a cool place.