Hot salting cabbage

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
01 August 2016

In cooking, there are several ways of salting such an important and useful vegetables, like cabbage.It is prepared in its own juice or in a marinade, giving the finished dish sour taste and pleasant aroma, but there is a recipe for so-called hot pickling, which will be discussed below.

Hot salting: the pros and cons

Today, the fastest way to prepare is their hot pickles salting.The name speaks for itself: pre-prepared vegetables are filled with brine, but unlike conventional cooking it bring to the boil, that he quickly worked on the ingredients.As a result, the hostess receives a ready meal in a day.

On the one hand such a recipe is popular among employed women, who can not stand at the stove for a long time.This allows them to cook a delicious marinade just a couple of hours.At the same time the usual cabbage and hot salted absolutely can not tell the taste, so the logical question - whether is easier to abolish all other recipes, leaving only the technology of hot pickling vegetables?

This approach deprives the cabbage a lot of useful substances, which is the main disadvantage of hot pickling technology.Due to the high temperatures and acidic vitamins contained mainly in the leaves, disappear.The mineral properties of cabbage are unless some fiber and protein.That is why neglect the classic recipes for sauerkraut, nevertheless, is not necessary.

How to cook sauerkraut fast and tasty?

now proceed directly to our current prescription and tell you how to cook cabbage, using the technique of hot pickling.To do this we need the following.


  • cabbage - 0.4 kilograms;
  • carrot red - 2 pieces;
  • pepper - 3-4 pieces;
  • salt and sugar - 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water to make brine.

stages of cooking:

  1. Wash all vegetables and slightly dries them.Cabbage finely shinkuem that she prepared as quickly as possible.Spread in a deep enough capacity.
  2. Carrot purify and also cut into strips or wipe (depending on your taste).
  3. Bulgarian pepper seeds and cleaned from the stalk, shinkuem and combine with other vegetables in the container.All the ingredients are mixed and spread in compacted form into the prepared dry jars.
  4. Brine is prepared in the least, because it does not have to cool down.In a saucepan, boil a liter of water, add 2 tablespoons of salt and sugar.After 2-3 minutes after boiling the brine remove from heat and pour it into the jars with vegetables.Close and put them in a dark place for a day.

soon on your table will be delicious and very flavorful hot cabbage salting.Bon Appetit!