Zrazy Polish

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01 August 2016

Zrazy prepared in Polish, are quite different from those zrazy, we often used to see on their tables.

Take a kilo of beef (choose one flesh), 200 grams of mushrooms (well, if it's fresh mushrooms or podtopolniki), two thin slices of bread, a couple of bulbs (large) and three eggs (chicken).You will also need mushroom broth or meat, which is at hand (2 tbsp.), A glass of homemade fresh cream.Half a cup of flour, sift and take the same amount of oil that is needed for cooking.Salt and pepper put a different taste.

Beef cut into small layers, the thickness of which must not exceed a centimeter.Meat and discourage after salting and poperchat, set aside.It can be wrapped in foil and to lie down in a refrigerator.

boiled mushrooms to start, if canned mushrooms for the winter, then washed and chopped.Bread is ground by hand or a meat grinder, add it to the onion, finely chopped egg (2 pcs.).All whisk well with a spoon and add prepared mushrooms.Salt.You can put the spices, pepper.

This mixture was used as

a stuffing for Zrazy.The meat is removed from the refrigerator and placed on each layer of a thin layer of stuffing.Lay so that excess weight is not falling out.

product roll fold.Form of zrazy will disintegrate, so each piece is sure to pull the thread, sometimes use a toothpick, but they need to take a few pieces that, in principle, not very much and convenient.

In a bowl, knock eggs.They need to smear each Zrazy, after which it immediately collapses in agony and then spread on a hot skillet.It recommended for cooking use vegetable oil, but it is quite possible to replace the pork fat or soybean oil.

to dish turned more mellow, you need to fry quickly over high heat.Then the meat juice will remain in the product.When the surface of the product becomes thick and golden, they are placed in the kettle and pour the broth, about without adding to the upper layer zrazy 1/3.

Once the liquid comes to a boil, cover and stew kettle until tender.For these purposes, you can use multivarku.So dish will taste even better.At the end we can put any flavorful herb.

zrazy After cooking, take out and put into the broth a little chopped bread, sour cream.Five minutes after the cooking is ready sauce that is poured on zrazy top before serving.