Soup of sauerkraut with corned beef

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
01 August 2016

Preparation consisting of sauerkraut and corned beef will take you no more than an hour.The dish is perfect for lunches and dinners, because it is tasty, satisfying and useful!

Prepare 200 grams of sauerkraut.If cabbage is a little "too old" or has a sharp smell, then rinse with very cold water.Clean the two large potatoes, cut them into cubes and great to use dip in the water, so as not made starch potatoes and has not changed color.

Carrots take one medium size.She washed, cleaned and rubbed.Onions chopped fine long ribbons, so it did not cause tears, knife and onion itself from time to time, rinse with water.

take Stew beef or pork, is suitable as a shop or a home version - about 500 grams (one bank).Stew can be dismantled at the request of the fibers, and can be directly from the jar to put in the pot.The fat that has in it is used for cooking vegetables.

to add flavor to put two bay leaves, which are slightly crushed.Use tomato paste (just 2 tbsp. L.), Or a single red tomato.The salt should be

added only to taste.If too acidic cabbage, then placed for 2 hours. L.sugar.Water use about two liters.

in boiling water just put salt and canned meat.Once the meat pokipit five minutes, you can put potatoes.It will be ready after about twenty minutes.After bookmark potatoes add the cabbage and continue cooking.Dish periodically try to salt.The cooking cabbage is about 10 minutes, sauerkraut, so does not require long cooking.

individual cases so-called "zazharku."To do this, fried in fat remaining from the stew, all the other vegetables.In the end, when all the vegetables reach desired condition, add the tomato paste and fry it has another 2 minutes.If you are using tomatoes, and you can, by the way, brothers and pickled, they lay about five minutes before the end of roasting vegetables.All spread in a pan, put a bay leaf and sugar.

A few minutes after the re-boil the soup can be served to the table.Many housewives know a secret soup.It is believed that will be especially tasty dishes that give it brew for a day, so if you want to, you can experiment and cool dish, remove it overnight in the refrigerator.

sure to warm up before serving and put a spoonful of sour cream, which can be replaced in the absence of mayonnaise.