Jam made from dates

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01 August 2016

This jam is not as popular as currant or strawberry, but cook it is to please their household winter exotic dessert.Jam made from dates is not a "light" products, it is quite nutritious.So there it is better in the morning, which will give strength and energy for the whole day.

jam from fresh figs on the classic recipe


  • 600 grams of dates;
  • 400 grams of sugar.


From the fruit to remove seeds, wash and finely chop.The saucepan to cook the syrup of 3 cups of water and sugar.Add the dates when the fluid becomes homogeneous.Jam pour banks, close and cool.To remove the storage in a cool place.

Apple and pear jam without sugar with dates

For the preparation required for 1 kg of pears, apples and dates.

How to cook the jam

All fruits wash.Pears with apples cleaned of seeds, cores and partitions.Dates get rid of the seeds.Cut in small enamel basin Ingredients slices.Cover with water and put on a low-power gas.After the boil stirring occasionally.Cook for 3 days in 4 call.

Jam stored under iron lids in glass containers.

jam on palm wine


  • fresh dates;
  • 450 g of sugar;
  • cinnamon;
  • red wine, lemon.


From washed pitted dates mash in a blender or meat grinder.Pour the sugar into the container, pour the wine, lemon juice, add the figs and cinnamon.Stir.Cook on low-power gas to a boil.Then remove, cool and pour into jars.

dates frayed with sugar

recipe is given at the rate of 1 kg of raw material.


  • 700 g of sugar;
  • dates.


Fresh dates wash and remove the bones.Cook ground beef in a meat grinder, add up to the tank, fill with sugar and stir.Leave for 3 hours.Again and again stop and leave at same time.Before you pour into jars, again to prevent jams.Store under the plastic caps in the refrigerator for no more than 6 months.

Jam of figs with walnuts


  • 300 grams of dates;
  • 1 orange;
  • 100 g of nuts.

How to cook

The fruit wash, remove the stones.Nuts are cleaned of debris, rinse and dry.Remove the orange peel to get the seeds, cut into slices.All the fruit in a blender to grind together.Add jam vegetable oil, stir.Arrange in banks and put in the refrigerator.Store no more than 10 days in a refrigerator.