Sore calves when walking

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 July 2016

Probably not in the world a man who would never in my life felt the pain in the muscles of caviar.At the same time it can be very diverse: mild or severe.But be that as it may, and pain in the calves prevents us from fully enjoying life and, of course, reduces performance, because you see, it is difficult to endure and unpleasant, as a result of what we are trying to move as little as possible.

Causes pain

There are many reasons that can cause pain in the leg muscles.However, most often it occurs because:

  • heavy physical exertion.If you give the legs a rest, the pain will be gone in 3 days.If not, after 10-12 days, calves become accustomed to such pressures and the pain will pass by itself.
  • thrombophlebitis.In this case, the pain persists and is reinforced.It is because of this it is necessary to seek help from a doctor.
  • myositis.Such inflammatory lesion may eventually lead to a complete muscle atrophy.
  • atherosclerosis.Formed plaques that grow over time, narrowing the vessel, causing blockage m
    ay occur.
  • Inflammatory myopathies.The severity of the disease depends on its type.Today modern medicine discerns idiopathic inflammation, infection and inflammation, which is caused by the toxins of drugs.

How to help yourself

If you have a severe pain in convulsions, do not tolerate it.Remember any disease easily treated only if the time to start taking medicines.Otherwise, you are risking your health.This in no case do not need to self-medicate, because the disease is to establish an experienced specialist who has experience and some knowledge.

As for prevention, there is a special attention should be paid to nutrition.Diversify your menu of vegetables, seafood and fruits.But on the harmful food and coffee are best forgotten.Also abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, pickles, ham, Taranco, crackers, sausages, etc.Plus, experts recommend to abandon the narrow toilet articles, as they violate the circulation.The beneficial effects of having herbal baths and, of course, sport.

And finally, remember, if the pain in the calf does not go for 7 days, consult a doctor.Among them can be a neurologist, phlebology or vascular surgeon traumatologist.