Pain in the foot when walking

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 July 2016

Our foot - is the lower part of the human body.In this part of it is constantly in contact with the ground.It has three support points, two of which are located in the anterior (fingers and toes), but one - in the rear (heel).The very same basis is 26 bones.It is thanks to them that we can walk.However, very often one feels severe pain in the foot while walking.This situation can provoke a variety of factors.

pain in the foot and its causes

pain in the foot - a common cause of complaint of many patients.At the same time it can be diffuse, general, limited or exciting.It all depends on the nature of injuries and, of course, reason.

should take into account the fact that most pain in the foot while walking arises because:

  • large loads.May indicate early signs of failure stop.
  • Long bed rest.In this case, the pain occurs due to lack of musculo-ligamentous apparatus.
  • osteochondrosis.Occurs after bone diseases and injuries.
  • arthritis.The pain associated with terminal nerve blood circulation.
  • age-related changes.With age, a person begins to decrease the protective function of the fat layer near the metatarsal bones, resulting in bone heads squeezed metatarsalgia.
  • lacerations.As a rule, nervoma common in women.Thus it can be in the bases of the fourth and third toe.
  • flatfoot.If a person has flat feet, it will not stop performing resorsnuyu function, whereby it gets tired quickly.
  • rodonalgia.The disease affects the legs and feet.At the same time the disease is accompanied by other diseases.As a rule, it occurs in middle-aged men.

talk about treatment

We all know what a pain in the foot significantly reduces performance.It is because of this need to take immediate curative measures, because the only way to improve their health, and quickly get rid of the disease.

We should not forget that each pathology requires an individual approach and specific methods of treatment.However, in order to enhance the effect of the treatment, doctors recommend analgesics, drugs that belong to the group of non-steroidal and, of course, comply with bed rest.The only way to quickly and effectively get rid of this pain and start enjoying life again.