How to restore your hair after chemotherapy?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 July 2016

stylists have long proved the fair sex, that allow us to make curls cute image of a gentle and vulnerable, the most important thing, she looks younger.Because of this, many of us dream that their hair was curly.To achieve this goal can be a variety of ways.So, for example, someone generously lubricates hair sweet carbonated water, someone all night sleeping on begudyah, and someone went to a more democratic way and made chemistry.This third method is the most popular.The thing is that in this case the hair long hold the desired shape and do not require additional installation.

But be that as it may, and any procedure, including chemistry, damages the hair, because sustainable products tempt the hair cuticle, leaving it look unkempt and lifeless.It is because of this very important time to give them a "first aid", because the damaged hair can be restored.Here are just approach to resolving the issue need to competently, given the type of your hair, as perming can make them very bold or, conversely, dry


So, let's look at how to restore your hair after chemotherapy.

  1. masks.This is perhaps the best way to solve this problem.It is a thick concentrated product is intended for quick solutions tricology problems.Note the fact that the mask can be done independently.Here are just a preference should be given to the fact that moisturize the scalp.For this purpose, perfect components such as aloe, shea butter, decoctions of herbs, birch juice, honey, etc.
  2. Comb.Please note that during the rehabilitation they need to comb the hair as little as possible.This should be a wooden comb.Those products, which have iron teeth, would only worsen the state of the strands.Also, it does not need to comb wet hair, as in this case, they are easily damaged.
  3. styling products.During the first two months after the procedure, be sure to use styling products.They are perfectly envelop every hair, protecting it from the negative effects of the environment.
  4. shampoo.As for the shampoo, there is only suitable soft tools that are part of the professional series.

And finally, remember when buying beauty products for hair, choose only those, which is composed of shea butter, aloe vera and silk proteins.At the same time distribute the "medicine" should be uniform throughout the entire length of hair.