Colitis abdomen

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 July 2016

When a person has a tingling sensation in the abdomen, it means only one thing - an organ located in the abdomen, has failed to work.This can be a signal from any organ or from several and different reasons may be.

therefore clearly can not be called the cause of what is happening requires a thorough medical examination.Often the causes of these tingling difficult to determine even experienced as pain may come from the left, and the source of the pain is in the right part of the abdomen.

most likely reasons

  • If there if a pregnant woman, the cause of this discrepancy became pelvis and stretching the muscles associated with the development of the fetus.So if if accompanied by pain, and occur frequently, you should seek immediate medical attention.
  • Women have a tingling sensation may indicate inflammation of the appendages, hypertonicity of the uterus, ectopic pregnancy or ovarian disease.
  • Pathology, a woman emerged after the trauma of the uterus will cause painful stinging sensation (after abortio
    n or childbirth).
  • may have problems in the intestines.This can be increased flatulence or constipation, as well as the stagnation of feces.
  • The first signs of appendicitis.
  • listed in the body sexually transmitted infection necessarily provoke colic.
  • If colitis in the right part of the abdomen or in the middle, perhaps inflamed gallbladder.
  • gallbladder disease, pancreatitis, in particular, may cause a slight tingling sensation as the top and bottom of the stomach.
  • Perhaps this is a manifestation of cystitis.Stitching pains occur when there is filling of the bladder, which is inflamed, and when urinating.

What to do?

If colitis is rare and not much, you can just lie down or sit down and relax, everything will be soon.But when colitis abdomen periodically and thus causing severe pain and may appear sexual selection, will likely soon have serious complications and should be as soon as possible, seek medical help.

Colic occurring in pregnant women can cause premature birth or pregnancy loss, so you should be more attentive to his condition at this time.

often starts tingling pain in the abdomen after lifting heavy objects, that is easier to tell when a person is ruptured.In this case, you should relax and soon will pass.