What does it mean sinus rhythm of the heart?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 July 2016

When a person comes to unnecessary physical strain, he begins to feel the pounding of his heart, and that's when the question arises, whether it is normal?Is not it time to gather an appointment with a cardiologist?After all, so often it seems that it sets the rhythm of the heart of our lives as a powerful engine drives the work of all our organs.That is why, feeling pain or tightness in the chest, accompanied by palpitations, and frequent change of pace, is to immediately check your "engine".

word rhythm means not only heart rate but also the relaxation of the heart muscle.

heart rate varied, but the correct and normal one, as it should be, ideally, doctors called the sinus rhythm of the heart.The name is connected with the rhythm of the sinus node.It was he who sets the rhythm of the heart.There are impulses that pass through the atrium, atrioventricular node, and then finally the ventricles, thereby causing contraction of the heart.

for the man and his condition, it is important to have periodic

heartbeat and rhythm was regular.The instability of the rhythm is the weakness of the sinus node.In this state, another node begins to ask a heart rhythm of the heart.Causes and pathology can be determined only modern diagnostics.

Often failure rate is considered as a disease state.This is wrong, because even during sleep or rest, you can observe a decrease in heart rate, and during the surge of emotion or excitement on the contrary there is an increase.This phenomenon is referred to as normal or natural physical reaction.

heart rate during normal operation of the body may either increase or decrease, and if it happens regularly, then the heartbeat is practically no effect.

sinus rhythm is enclosed in certain limits, such as in adults, even in the elderly it ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute, but the children reach this standard, reaching ten or twelve years.That is why the baby's heartbeat easier to hear than that of an adult, because it is higher by almost half, and it is considered normal, children are more active than it seems at first glance.

If the frequency of sinus rhythm is disrupted, it is called an arrhythmia (slow down) or tachycardia (acceleration).In both cases, surveillance specialist and specific medication.