The gap between the front teeth

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05 July 2016

Though they say that man is created in the great Creator, there is no perfect people.People have a lot of defects, only one we have been able to hide, while others do not.This is one of those defects that can not be concealed, may be considered a gap between his front teeth.

This is a problem faced by both men and women, but in contrast to the last of the stronger sex is particularly strong experience in this regard, often developing a complex unfounded and experience this discomfort.

The people in this regard formed an opinion.It has long been believed that people with Scherbinka between the upper teeth themselves are unusual, as well as their birth, and they will be not just happy, but the absolute leaders in all endeavors, as luck and success followed at their heels.

But despite this, many difficult to overcome shyness and begin to smile broadly and laugh without covering her mouth.It is especially difficult to live with such a defect of the people who have a job "among the people" and his servic

e in the case has to behave kindly and sometimes coyly.Therefore, those who were unable for many years to put up with here is a "highlight", you must go to the dentist.In medicine, this problem sounds nice - diastema and, by the way, long ago learned to deal with it.

How to remove diastema?

Methods to eliminate the gap between the teeth suggested a lot.For example, the possible build-up of lateral tissue dental materials for fillings.The color of the material chosen most similar to the color of the patient's tooth enamel, so visually such restoration is almost impossible to notice.Apply the material is fast drying up gradually in the sunlight, he gets a shade of natural teeth.

If it is not the anatomical location of teeth, when it is impossible to build, decided to apply vinirovanie.Take a reliable ceramic pad (veneer) and simply glued onto the teeth.Manufacturing technology of veneer and its structure allows to exploit this material for a long time.And its structure does look absolutely indistinguishable from natural teeth.

You can remove the slot permanently.To do this, you should use braces or cap.Just wearing these devices are pretty long (about a year).During this time will shift teeth in the required direction and the gap will not.

Whichever way you decide to get rid of the gap between the front teeth, which prevents you live, remember that nothing can replace a wide smile and a beautiful person, so your choice of the faithful!