Oatmeal apple pie with apples

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
31 July 2016

Recently, we are preparing porridge not as often as desired, and the thing is that it seems to be delicious, but something was missing, and that are looking for new and interesting combinations and flavors.For those who can not live without oatmeal, but traditional dried fruits and sugar are already fed up, we offer a simple and easy recipe for apple charlotte-based cereal.

dish is prepared quickly enough, recipes suitable for Multivarki and oven, a method of baking to choose - you decide.

Oatmeal apple pie with apples and yogurt

Enough diet recipe, especially if yogurt is grease.

For cooking you will need a glass of fermented milk, as much sugar (this is for the sweet tooth), a glass of oat flakes and 250 grams of flour (depending on the fat content of yogurt it may need more), a teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla, three eggs, vegetablebutter and apples for the filling.

way, you can use yogurt instead of plain yogurt, sugar, in such a case you will need less.

So, pour into a deep bowl of fermented milk, add sugar and cereals.While oatmeal swells in a mixer, beat the eggs.Separate combine the flour and baking powder and introduce into the oat mixture to the same shift the fluffy egg foam, stir the dough.Do not forget about vanilla or cinnamon.

Now, there are several design options charlotte.Apples can be cut into cubes, combine with the dough and put the mixture into the baking tin.You can cut slices and place on top of the test, which was laid out in multivarku or container for cooking cakes.Which option to choose - you decide.

As a result multivarka or oven would be fragrant and delicious cake.In both cases, the baking time - 60 minutes, then try baking the willingness and, if all goes well, served at the table, sprinkled with sugar.

Oatmeal apple pie with apples and egg whites

charlotte can cook a little differently, this will change the flavor a bit, due to the lack of proteins pastries will be more tender and magnificent, especially when cooking it in multivarka.

for cooking will take a few sour apples, a little butter, half a cup of sugar, 15 grams of lemon juice, 150 grams of oatmeal, 100 grams of flour, 4 egg whites and powder to decorate the finished cake.

apples should be cut into slices.Baking dish must be lubricated with oil, sprinkle the bottom of a small amount of sugar and flour sides pritrusit (not stuck to the cake).Apple slices spread in a container, sprinkle with lemon juice (which will prevent the fruit from browning).

The mixer combine proteins and sugar (proteins need to be cold) and whisk until foamy state, then enter the sifted flour and oatmeal.The finished dough must be put on the apple "cushion" and smooth.

Now you send future apple pie in the oven and bake at a temperature of 180-200 ° C.The duration of cooking - about half an hour.

So delicious and quick cake can entertain unexpected guests or households, especially in the evening when the shops are closed, and tasty tea like.