Cabbage juice gastric ulcer

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 July 2016

Gastric ulcer is becoming more frequent companion of modern man.The reasons for this, there are many - from the abuse of alcohol and tobacco to stress and other neurotic and anxiety disorders.It is manifested as single or multiple trophic disorders and exterior of the outer layers of the gastric mucosa, which is periodically pulled back into the shape of the scar, and then ulcerate.Subacute disease accounts, usually in spring and autumn.

In the latter case, the remission of the person taken care of by nature, because in August, begins the so-called cabbage season.And, according to many alternative medicine practitioners officially, cabbage juice is very useful for stomach ulcers.About the therapy with this gardening tool will be described in detail.

method of preparing cabbage juice

Today on sale there are many different juices, including vegetable.So, for the treatment of gastric ulcers use them is still not recommended, unless it is the fresh cabbage, which is prepared with you.Fresh juice can ea

sily get at home, using a juicer.In the absence of such leaves of cabbage mince or grind in a blender, and the resulting slurry is thoroughly drained, avoiding excessive contact with the pulp into the drink.This is caused by the fact that the pulp contains solid fiber and fiber, which is not helpful in the disease in question.For juicing leaves are used only as a beverage derived from the stem, may irritate the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract.Cooked juice retains the beneficial properties of not more than 48 hours when stored in the refrigerator.

method and treated cabbage juice

Apply the cabbage juice, preferably in the form of heat (heated to 60 ° C), which allows nutrients to strengthen and enhance the softening effect on the gastric mucosa.Do not add to a beverage a salt or sugar.This may provoke the opposite reaction.Standard treatment is one month.Eat drink must be half an hour before meals three times a day.After treatment it can be repeated after a week of rest.As a rule, until complete recovery at three missing cases not started treatment cabbage juice (just the whole harvest season).Apply this treatment is possible only if the ulcer is not complicated by high acidity.