Stewed melon

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28 July 2016

taste and aroma of melon each associated with summer.This is one of the most popular fruits that ripen in late summer and early fall.The only pity is that the "melon" in such a short season, because the melon gives people not only enjoy its wonderful taste, but also useful.It contains vitamins and minerals, and it is good thirst quencher.

If you want to enjoy delicious melon taste not only in summer but also during the cold season, you can prepare this delicious fruit of the winter.The most popular way to keep the melon - it preserves and jams.Also, it can be dried or jerk.Stewed melon - an unusual delicacy, which will give you the freshness and memories of summer on a cold winter day.

Stewed melon is usually prepared with the addition of any acidifiers to their taste was not so sugary-sweet.The latter is used as citric acid, sour plums and other fruits and berries, but if your family like sweet, you can do without them.Recipes cooking melon compote, there are several.Consider the most popular ones.

simple stewed melon

To prepare compote need to take 1 kg of melon flesh (best to choose varieties with more solid flesh).This volume will need 1 liter of water and 1 cup sugar.Melon cut into small pieces, fill with sugar and put in the refrigerator for four hours.After this time, on the stove you need to boil water and put it to the melon, which by that time will give juice.Cook the melon should be no more than three minutes, otherwise the tender flesh of collapse.Cool the juice, pour into pre-sterilized jars and roll up.

melon compote with citric acid

In another recipe, you must first prepare the syrup.In boiling water to fill sugar and boil for about ten minutes until the sand is completely dissolved.Sliced ​​melon dipped in hot sugar solution and kept there for about three minutes.Further pieces of melon put in jars and pour it with syrup.Top added citric acid and pinch roll the jar.

compote cooked this recipe has a taste with a pleasant acidity, which only emphasizes the aroma of melon.

compote melons, apples and plums

per liter of water requires 150 g apples, 120 g of melon, 80 g prunes and 100 g of sugar.

plum remove seeds and apples from - the core and peel.Apple peel pour water and cook for ten minutes after boiling.Then strain the resulting broth, add the sugar and apples.Seven minutes after boiling, place plums.Once compote boil a second time, remove it from the heat, add the slices of melon and pour it on the banks.