House wine from apples

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
28 July 2016

Properly cooked homemade wine from apples is no different from those that can be found on the shelves of modern supermarkets, but can only be delayed.The drink turns out delicious with moderate amounts of nutrients.Apple wine, created with his own hands, has a pleasant taste and unique flavor!

wine can be selected as a ripe and overripe apples.Fruits should be washed, but not too zealous.If apples are clean, they wash can be eliminated, so the fermentation process will be better.

crushed apples, which enjoy special equipment or a conventional meat grinder.Before grinding in fruit remove damaged portions, core, and seeds.If they leave, the drink will acquire a bitter taste.

Applesauce spread in the fermentation vessel, better use of enamelled containers or glass bottles.Pour water (five kilograms of mashed potatoes need to pour two liters of water), left in this state until the morning.

The next day, stir the contents of the container well, you need to separate the juice.The mass is passed through a

metal sieve or gauze.The resulting mixture was poured back to a pre-rinsing tank with clean water.Left in this state for two days, uncovered, if only lightly so as not to hit the trash.

During this time the contents of the container must be constantly stirring.After three days, you should have a pulp that has accumulated on the surface of the juice, and apple juice itself.Remove and dispose of pulp, which is used skimmer.

After removing the pulp need to add sugar.Its amount depends on what you want to get a drink.If you prefer more acidic wines, as well as apples and sweet enough, the sugar needs to be added as little as possible, and vice versa.In any case it is necessary to add the specified number of apples and water for at least cup of sugar, but not more than two cups.In this case, the drink will lusciously sweet.

Drink send in a warm place for fermentation.Should not forget the drink to avoid contact with air.For this, the bottle neck worn medical glove.While she will be in the inflated state - fermentation will take place normally.Once the glove "drops", should strain the wine, bottling, tightly clog and sent to storage.This is best suited dry cellar.

If there is a glass bottle, the wine can be prepared in a conventional enamel bucket.In order to avoid contact with oxygen, it is necessary to build a "water trap".To do this, take the clay or the usual "dumplings" dough, thin tube and a quart jar with water.The hose is lowered into a bucket.It should not come into contact with the beverage.To fix the pipe, it is coated dough (plasticine), cover with a lid bucket.Around the caps also impose the dough, you need to "close up" every crevice.

free end of the hose is lowered into the jar.During fermentation will exit pair, they can be seen on the can wall (bubbles) at the end of the fermentation will not.