Gem of the melons

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
27 July 2016

Scented and fragrant fruits of melon can not leave anyone indifferent.That is why many cooks are so fond of it to use in their recipes.It is used for jam, compotes, jellies, and, of course, jam.

It is recommended that you with the advent of "melon season" to prepare a jar of jam, other names from that melon.It will be not only delicious, but also useful, especially preparing for a treat in a matter of minutes.And do not worry about the availability of expertise in this matter.With our excellent melon jam recipe can cook even a novice cook.So stock up on goodies for making such.


  • fruit ripe melon - 1 kg;
  • sugar - 1500 g;
  • citric acid - by their own biases;
  • vanilla sugar - will require half a teaspoon.

Cooking jam follows:

  1. melon fruit very well under running water.
  2. melons dry it thoroughly with a towel.Then divided into two equal parts.Carefully and gently cut away the peel.Remove all bones.
  3. Melon shred into small pieces, and then place it in boiling water sweetish where blan
    shiruem for 20 minutes.
  4. Once the specified time has passed, take out the fruits, put in another container, add water, and wait until the mixture comes to a boil.At the same time the fruit is necessary to stir constantly.
  5. To pour a boiling the fruit sugar in the specified volume and bring to a state of semi-mass.
  6. By achieving this status gently add the citric acid and cook until until the mixture is finished.
  7. In yet still hot from previous dessert, add the vanilla sugar.All components are thoroughly combine.We wait until the jam has cooled completely.
  8. The ready-made jars evenly put dessert.Be sure to clog it with metal lids.Thereafter, it is recommended to carry out the sterilization process tanks for 15 minutes.

best jam Store in a dark place with low temperature.

jam melon can be used as self-treat, and as a component in the preparation of other dishes.Very tasty puff obtained with the addition of this component.No less appetite and muffins.Apply jam and baking cakes open and closed.Also a treat was added to give a special flavor and original taste of oatmeal.In short, jam melon - a versatile dessert.