The sign "lost keys"

By Admin | Signs
24 May 2016

itself the loss of any object is very frustrating, especially if you have lost the important things like keys, because it means that you will not be able to do to open the door, have to look for them wherever you have been, to make new, fuss.The only thing that lifts the mood - the probability of something good.So, what promises scattered human loss with thumb ligament?

If you suddenly discovered that the key is that a few minutes ago lying around here, now gone, the popular wisdom promises you a quick fortune.Ahead of you waits for a good event, some unexpected breakthrough in personal life or at work.Do not be upset because of the loss, as the key will be found, and with it will come, and something positive.

Be careful.If you lose your keys too often - to be trouble.Over-abstraction leads to problems.However, it's obvious.In everyday life is better to be careful.When a person is constantly forgets or loses the keys of his house, it can easily rob.So says many years of experience and grandparents, a

s the police say so and says the proverb.Permanent loss of keys - the robbery.

If you lose an old rusty key, which is still, for some reason enjoyed, beware - you will go from success.The one who will find your thing, and get your luck.So try to find a lost item as soon as possible.The same applies to other metal things with rust - such as nails, horseshoes, hammers.If you carry these items with you - watch them, all eyes in order not to lose their good luck.Well, better to replace the rusty keys.

very important exactly where you lost and then found his keys.If they were lost in a long journey or a long road - beware of casual dating.If you lost the key when heading for everyday route, look for them carefully.It would be better if you can find them yourself, because to find the missing - unfortunately.Therefore, a good thank someone who will give you back your thing, because due to your distraction he might be a problem.

If you forget your keys at home, such as a desk or on the nightstand, soon you will quarrel.Be a kind and sweet with his family and friends, with whom some of them possible "explosion" in the relationship.If the keys were left at work, in front of you waiting for a bargain or something to do with the affairs and finances.A bunch of thrown away - to failure.

In any case, there is a good omen "lost keys" or bad - better to watch them carefully, especially if it is "key to the apartment where the money is."