The sign "beat the clock"

By Admin | Signs
24 May 2016

People started coming up with omens and superstition even in ancient times.Of course, ignorance of ancient people did not allow them to find a logical and understandable explanation of many events and phenomena.That's why there were all sorts of signs.

sign - a sign sent from above, which predicts the near future.And watch for the people has always been something mysterious and unusual.When they first appeared, it was believed that people who own hours, can command the time.So around this subject, as the clock once there was a set of beliefs.

All signs associated with the clock point to the most important thing in life - for a while.It refers to the time of life and death.The world famous Wang also talked about the clock.She warns that the broken, broken or just stop the clock - a danger which threatens the house.Vanga in any case is not advised to keep such hours in the house, they are needed to either get rid of or fix them immediately."The clock is not to fix - it's like the human disease is not t

reated," - said Wang.She believed that to stop, a broken clock is "dead" time.That is, in such a house a person in trouble or danger.

Beat the clock - it's a failure.The owner of the broken clock as it stops in time, he will not be able to achieve this goal.If the clock was broken glass, then wait for disease, and troubles in the house.

What to do with the broken clock?

first option - take them to the repair and recovery after sprinkle holy water on the clock and read a prayer over them.If they can not be repaired, it is not necessary to store them, it is better to throw out.

There are cases that the broken clock - a memorable gift or a very expensive thing, and the person wants to keep at least clockwork.Then you need to find a purple cloth and wrap the broken clock in it, as it is believed that the purple color absorbs negative energy.Store hours wrapped in the flap should be closed in a dark box.

course, all signs and superstitions are, unless they believe.For example, repair shop hours, according to belief, to be the worst place in the world.However, the watchmakers are alive and well for many years, ignoring that around them "dead" time.So, if you want to believe in omens, then choose only those that promise good luck, happiness and prosperity.