The sign "spider in the house"

By Admin | Signs
24 May 2016

Even those of us who do not believe in omens, and considers them superstition, well aware of their existence.And even if you are afraid of spiders, you can not not know that spider in the house - this is a good sign.No wonder they say that you can not kill the spiders, it is better to drive.

Spider - is an insect, not a very pleasant sight.And many people (especially girls, girls and women) insect can not stand, and they are afraid to try, so they did not come across them in the eye.Unfortunately, if you live in a private home or come to the village for the summer, to avoid the appearance of spiders in the house will not turn.But do not worry!Consoles himself with the fact that spiders bring good luck to those who appear to the eye.And if the spider lived in your house, what would you have an aversion to it or experienced, you need to treat it with respect.

Spider, who settled in your home - a harbinger of prosperity and happiness.Knowing this, it is unlikely you will want to kill him.One of the peop

le's will and says, "You want to be alive and well - do not touch the spider!".If you physically can not watch him around, shoved him out the window.

Seeing a spider on the street in the afternoon means good luck in business, especially if it moves towards you.But if you come across a spider in the morning, nothing good this does not portend.

spider in the house - to the news.And if you take a close look at it, you can learn more.If cobweb spider descends, the news that you get in a short time, will not be very happy.If the spider after descend immediately climbs back up, wait for the good news.Spider crawling towards you is that the house will come, and if he creeps up to you, then, consequently, on the contrary, something will slip away from you.

If the spider drops over the head man, he was waiting for the good news.And if it came down to you right on the head - it's a very good sign (it means in a short time you will get a surprise gift).

If you find a spider on his clothes, then soon you will replenish your wardrobe.

Seeing a spider sitting on a cobweb still need to make a wish and say this phrase, "If eight spider legs will go down, then my desire will start to come true." Then carefully track, that will make the spider on. If he really crawl down, wait for the fulfillment of desires. If he will climb up the web, then, unfortunately, soon your wish come true.