The sign "bird shat"

By Admin | Signs
24 May 2016

paradox - the unpleasant omen, the better its interpretation.So with the sign of the bird shits about.Almost all of the people consider it an omen of great success or a big cash flow.Is it so?

Most interpretations of the delicate signs of bird excrement really promise a favorable change.For example, if a bird shat on clothing, a car or a window sill, it is necessary to wait for the money.It is noteworthy that the money will be "easy" - you do not have to make them, most likely, it will be a gift, prize, or find a purse.

servicemen and other people in uniforms incredibly happy if their uniforms bird shit - it's a promotion.With luck, we can expect to increase in rank, but this is only possible if a pigeon shat exactly on the shoulder straps.

Incidentally, it is worth a closer look, what kind of bird you are awarded their attention.If you are the victim of a pigeon, seagull or a sparrow, it is considered a good sign - the birds are close to a good and optimistic people.Dark-colored birds (crows, rooks

) for some reason, are notorious among commentators.They accompany evil, wayward people.But do not treat it seriously, and it is better to laugh heartily, that proud bird has chosen you among the crowd.

By the way, this statement is not without reason.According to the esoteric, the birds often shitting on people unique, unusual intelligence and a strong biofield.Thus winged mark for myself an interesting person.

And yet, at the amusing signs with shitting wherever falling bird has a negative interpretation.It is considered to be a bad sign if a mistake happens with the groom and the bride at the wedding, as bird droppings suggests the impure thoughts of the future spouses.Rather, marriage is not for love but for financial calculations.Stained clothing should be immediately removed and washed as soon as possible.

Stepping on bird droppings are also considered to be not very good omen.This incident can warn of serious trouble, so you should be as careful in financial transactions and execution of important documents.Esoteric advised to refrain from taking out a loan, if it is the day you step on the traces of life of birds.

take about shit bird - one of the most fun in the world of beliefs, so close to the heart perceive a positive interpretation of it.