The sign "to lose the cross"

By Admin | Signs
24 May 2016

From the earliest years pectoral cross is the most powerful talisman for the person.Cross protects a person from all troubles and troubles throughout his life.

The people believe that the pectoral cross is full of energy and is a person of the most mysterious treasure house that stores information about people connected with his past and present.It is for this reason that magicians do not recommend or give a pectoral cross pass from generation to generation.Moreover, it is considered proper to leave pectoral cross with a man even after his death.

Today there are several interpretations of the signs associated with the loss of pectoral cross:

  1. If a person becomes a cross and could not find it, it offers a big change in fortunes.Such changes usually result in large losses and problems.
  2. If a person becomes a cross, but after a few minutes was able to find and return the cross, the misery of the human side of the bypass, but it will still have to go through a certain number of difficult trials of li
    fe.In such cases, it is strongly recommended that in the near future to sanctify your old or buy new blessed cross.
  3. If a person has lost a dagger in adolescence or young adulthood, it means that there will be big changes in the life, namely the loss of the cross and the fate of the good things will be transferred to the new owner of the cross.If you believe in omens, the former owner will be forced to take on a heavy "cross" and carry it for many years.
  4. If a person has lost a dagger in a more adult, it means that the person will have to face karma and pay for all the "debts" and undergo a series of trials of life that are either broken man, or make it even stronger.
  5. Lose cross in old age is old age to live in pain and misery.In such cases, people are advised to go through the ritual of communion and confession, and the main thing - to get a new blessed cross.
  6. It so happens that the cross lost in the house, but was soon found.In this case, the man destined to soon face problems in the family may have to survive the loss of a loved one or a divorce.

The people there is a belief by which to find a cross in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to ask the Guardian Angel to help find a cross and a prayer "Our Father".It is worth noting, if you could not return the cross, then the will of God.In such cases it is necessary to turn to the priest that blessed and sanctified the new cross.