The sign "find the ring"

By Admin | Signs
24 May 2016

such sign as "found a ring" in many cultures treated differently.For the Christian culture of the ring is a symbol of loyalty, devotion and love.It is for this reason that for centuries in Russia, the loss of the ring was considered significant (turning) event in the life of man.Most of these changes were related to family affairs.

interpretation of such signs today depends not only on culture, but also on the configuration and the metal ring, as in the modern world can be simple rings, wedding, wedding, silver, gold, with stones and so on.

So, find the ring in Russia - a good sign that most often heralds a young fast engagement, wedding.For those who are married, find the ring foreshadowed a big profit or additions to the family.For single people sign "find the ring" mean a quick meeting in the second half, which will live long and happy life.

can find a ring or a ring of stones that portends fateful meeting, which will improve the financial and material side of life.If the ring was a man, then he

waited for his success in business, if a woman - the birth of children who will be reliable support in old age.

what to expect, if you find a silver or a gold ring?This finding new owner promised a repetition of life scenario, which once had radically changed his life.It is worth noting that the scenario can be both negative and positive, respectively, lead to prosperity or ruin.

The sign "find the ring with colored stones" means that in the future the owner of the ring will receive a cash award and an unexpected increase in the work.

Magee and esoteric believe that it is better not to raise the ring, and especially do not try, because not all of the rings were lost by accident, some rings discarded in public places deliberately.Typically, these rings are different magic rituals aimed at the removal of damage, the evil eye, the crown of celibacy, sterility and solitude.Thus, once the charmed ring in the hands of another person, all the negative state will be transferred to the new owner of the ring.They also argue that absolutely can not raise the ring, which was found at the intersection.Such a ring can bring a new host disease and suffering.

To clear the ring of negative information, it is sufficient to consecrate the church.The ring can be sent to the smelter.This procedure will clear the ring by any negative program.