The sign "sprinkle salt"

By Admin | Signs
24 May 2016

Once upon a time the grains of salt were as valuable as diamonds are small, so any waste of considered almost sacrilege.Sprinkle salt on the floor - all the same, that mix with the dirt of money obtained by the sweat and blood.So no wonder relatives reproached awkward for such an offense, the relationship escalated, started squabbling, hence the sign "sprinkle salt - to quarrel."

If you are in a party, accidentally dropped the salt shaker, popular wisdom promises you a worsening of relations with the owner of the house.So went even since ancient times, when a prince or nobleman invited to her another, he greets guests with bread and salt.The same meeting and expected the enemy during reconciliation.If a person is upset offered him a bowl with salt, this is considered a serious insult, which is paid for life.This view survived the centuries, so drop the salt shaker away - to spoil relations with the owner of the house, to betray his trust.This idea goes in the minds of the generations.

serious quarrel is directly proportional to the amount of spilled salt.Simply put, the more salt will be on the floor, the more you are with somebody quarreled.Therefore, as soon as possible, try to collect all crumbled.The negative effect of the signs can be neutralized, if you take the right hand pinch of salt and throw it over the left shoulder three times.There is another way - "spilling sugar".In contrast to the salt it is a good omen.Therefore, sprinkle salt over them - it is a good idea that will help avoid unnecessary squabbles.If you do not have sugar, you can simply draw on the cross of scattered seasoning.

Loose sand is to be built quickly, and the place should be thoroughly washed.So you erase with his destiny all bad.If the salt has to wake up somewhere, it is difficult to clean, to avoid troubles hardly succeed.In the case where the salt was to wake up on fire while cooking the food, the quarrel will be hot.If the salt in the dish would be by chance, in which it should not be (for example, you accidentally salted tea), relations with loved ones will chill.

also our ancestors were convinced of the following: Salt helps to protect from the dark forces, and thus accidentally spilling salt - encourage evil.To protect yourself, just burst out laughing in the face of failure occurred.So you can show around the ill that is not afraid of failure, as well as lift your mood, which will reduce the probability of an argument.