The sign "find the key"

By Admin | Signs
24 May 2016

finds are pleasant and not so pleasant, unexpected and mysterious.One of the most mysterious events are considered a sign of "find the key."What this portends a godsend?

In most interpretations of key marks the opening of a new door way into a new world.So the key is finding that soon coming you change in your life, a symbolic opening new doors in life.For the changes in your life were positive, to found the key should be treated very carefully - you can carry it with you in your bag or hang it on a string and turn it into a talisman.Some magicians and sorcerers are advised to thoroughly wash it before finding running water to a key has gone all the negative information about previous owners.

Equally important is the appearance of a key.New shiny key promises only favorable changes such as the transition to a new job, moving to a larger apartment.It is necessary to guard against the darkened scratched key, as it warns you of potential dangers.If you hit a key, then it is worth considering which side

you can expect trouble.

quite different significance rusty key.Find a clue - this is a very great success, because it heralds the imminent inheritance from older relatives.The size of the key in this case is directly proportional to the size of the fallen down on you joy.Keep the key - do not drop it, do not put on the table and in any case do not lose, or inherited as "lost" on the way to you.

What to expect if found not a single key, but several?According to accept to found a bunch of keys, awaits the resolution of any long-standing problems.Most commentators believe that a bunch of keys favors solving domestic or family concerns, establish contacts with distant relatives.It is possible that one of the keys found broken.It is a sign of warning, most likely, your home want / wanted to rob, so you should be vigilant.

take about found keys in a dream also predicts positive change.Most likely, solved housing problems, begin repairs in the house, maybe that will be a new family member (not a child, and adult - in-law, daughter-in).

As you can see, a sign of found keys is a lot of interpretations.You can choose the best and a happy omen for himself, then sign exactly work in your favor!