The sign "find the money"

By Admin | Signs
24 May 2016

Who of us are not happy at least once in their life to find the money?This finding has raised us up and unwittingly swept in the head, "what a lucky man I am."And no matter how much money was found.We feel really happy and going over various options for how best to spend them.

If you believe in omens, then finding the money does not bode well, because, according to popular wisdom, if the money is lost - will acquire in something else - is what will lose the one who found them.It is because of this it is not recommended to raise the money.At the same time we should not forget that very often black magicians make conspiracies for the money (in most cases a trifle).Therefore, raising such a discovery, you "obzavedetes" adversity, illness, or lose what you value.

How would people not told about the signs and consequences, it is difficult to resist the temptation to lift the bills, especially when in front of you is no small scrip.In this case, few people will remember the signs and listen to the Council,

that is, will pass.If you have raised was found, in any case, do not carry it home.Remember, stepped to the threshold of discovery, you activate the action.Because of this, many psychics are advised to immediately something for the money to buy.Plus, they are not recommended to put in a purse to other denominations.

Pay attention to what is believed, if things sprinkle holy water, then all the negativity will disappear.However, if the money was made a conspiracy to fix something that's very difficult, because for this purpose one must have a special magical powers.Also, some experts say that if the money is to rub with snow, the magic "evaporate", and the money itself will be "clean."

As you can see, finding the money - it is a bad omen, but only you can decide - pass or raise bills.But do not forget that the loss can occur within 6 months.At the same time, you will lose something in than the largest owner in need of money.This could be love, health, happiness, and even children.

And finally, remember, many people believe that if you give the money then the owner (if you know exactly who they lost), it will remove the negative impact.Magicians argue that this is very misleading.So do not entertain false illusions.Believe me, it is better to pass than raise, spend, and then worry and wait for trouble.

Live fun and forget about the troubles!