Of plum jam

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
26 July 2016

of plum jam - delicious dessert that can be used not only as a simple sweet spreads for sandwiches, but also be used as an excellent filling for various pastries.Jam of the plum is very useful for the human body, especially in the cold of winter, when there is a lack of vitamins.

Alychovoe jam has a thick consistency, but because the preparation will not be spread.Moreover, well-boiled jam due to its structure can even be cut with a knife.

What is the technology of preparation of delicious jam alychovogo?

First you need to put in the freezer clean saucer.It is useful to check the consistency of jam later to determine its degree of readiness.

Fruits wash and go through, remove them from the twigs, leaves and other rubbish.In order to be easily separated from the bone plum, you can go on a small culinary trick.Put the plum (2 kg) in a large container, pour the fruit of 500 ml of water and put on fire.For the most jam water is not needed, it is only necessary to boil the fruit.Close the pan with a lid

and bring a lot to a boil, then boil thoroughly it even for five minutes.

Thanks to the manipulation of berries and their bones have turned into a homogeneous mass in its consistency.Now we need to separate from the bone plum fruit pulp.To do this, drain the excess water to cool the berries and grind them through a colander (for this you need to put a colander container to collect the pulp).The result must be the fruit pulp in a pan, and the bones - remain in a colander.

Pour pulp plum into another container, add sugar (1 kg), put on a slow fire.The ideal option for making jam is to use electric cookers, because it is in contrast to the gas stove is heated gradually, and not so much fries.Boil sugar and fruit mass should be about 3 hours, all the while stirring and removing the foam.

In order to determine the readiness of jam, you need to get it out of the freezer and drip saucer spoon of jam on it.After that you need, turning the dish to the side, to see if it is not flowing.If the mass remained motionless - the dessert is ready.If the jam flows on the saucer, it should be a little chef.

Hot jam decomposed into prepared (sterilized) to banks, while carefully pressing it with a spoon so that air bubbles can escape.Using a special device to roll up the cover, turn them down and bottom well to wrap up warm cloth.So they have to stand all night, and after the jars of jam must be sent to storage in a cool place (perfect for this purpose cellar).

delicious jam alychovoe serve a wonderful addition to a family tea party, or provides a great filling for pancakes, biscuits, cakes and other goodies.