How to cook a catfish?

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
24 July 2016

As with all underwater inhabitants, catfish is able to boast a large number of vitamins and minerals.Furthermore, it has practically no bone, which simplifies the process of cooking, however, some recipes fish refers quite unpredictable.Many housewives have seen that in the process of frying it turns into something jelly-like, but there is a certain approach that allows to create out of whole fried catfish work of art.

Secrets fried catfish

Product List: 500 g frozen catfish, juice ½ lemon, spices, flour.

first Secrets of cooking fried fish is its complete defrosting.This process should take place in a natural way without the "pressure" of microwave beams or water.When the fish is completely depart from the icy crust, go to cutting small pieces of fillets.

In a separate container, mix the lemon juice with a variety of aromatic spices and pour the marinade prepared catfish.After 20-30 minutes, roll each portion fillets in flour and send it in a preheated frying pan with a thick bottom and the walls

.Such dishes - the second secret of cooking fried catfish.In addition, the flour will make the fillets more dense, reducing the chance of crumbling.

last secret is that fish do not like part of the movement.Therefore, wait until the piece is manifest golden crust, and only then turn it over to the other side.First roasting should take place in the mode of strong fire, but as soon as the fish fry on both sides, the flame must be changed to a more gentle.Before readiness left to wait some 5 minutes.

Interesting fact

Did you know that the catfish got its name due to the active use of the jaws.She easily bites through the shell of marine life, to get food for themselves.The structure of the teeth completely unaffected.

Soljanka with mushrooms and fish

List of products: 1 kg catfish, 3.5 liters of water, 150 grams of any kind of dried mushrooms, 250 grams of pickled cabbage, pickled cucumber, 1 onion, 20 g of flour, 50 g olives, chopped fresh herbsand 5 peppercorns.

Soljanka will be prepared on the mushroom broth, so the water should boil chopped mushrooms.When they are half finished, let down the pieces of catfish and continue to cook.6 minutes later, add the cabbage, cucumber cubes, fried onion and spices.You can also use a bay leaf.At this time, brown the flour without addition of oil, a minute later, add a few drops of water.After send the contents of the soup.

A few minutes before the end of cooking soups can give it aroma and taste due to the cucumber pickle, but it must be before the infusion of strain.And that bag of catfish looked in the restaurant, prepared dish, add a slice of lemon and a pair of black olives.On the edge of the dish gently sprinkle herbs and safely surprise the family of his creation.

Interesting fact

Did you know that regardless of the state of their teeth catfish change once a year.

Catfish grilled with orange juice

Product List: 2-3 catfish, 1 ch. L.lemon and lime juice, half a cup of orange juice, 100 grams of hot sauce, such as the Mexican.

fish is cut along the spine and straighten it so that it resembles the shape of a butterfly.Clean it from skin and bones is not required, as they are perfectly finished state depart themselves.Citrus blend mix with Mexican sauce and burning obmazhte content catfish.In this form, move the fish in the refrigerator for further marinating process.

on oiled grill Put marinated catfish.Turns it only when ready to be half fillets.All delicious dish is ready for use.Bon appétit!