Cough during pregnancy: implications

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
24 May 2016

just a nuisance, and the common man, because it promises a lot of trouble for the treatment of the common cold, and disease being poor.And what to speak of the most prone to colds group, including pregnant women and children.In anticipation of the baby expectant mothers need to be afraid of colds, flu, SARS, and to somehow protect themselves in this difficult time, should regularly take vitamins boosts immunity, and dress warmly.The main preventive measures include proper nutrition and therefore must be included in the diet of onions, garlic and lemon, because these products have the ability to decontaminate space.

But if you are, nevertheless, feel that a little simple, to begin with, drink tea with honey and lemon, and then get some sleep a couple of hours.Often as some simple steps to help ward off quickly approaches had the disease, but sometimes it does not help.Then you need to move to a more thorough treatment of the common cold, and the main thing is not to panic and not to run for the disease

.No need to have a lot of vitamin C, even though it is considered useful for colds, but pregnant women in large quantities it can cause bleeding.It is better to eat more of rose hips, cranberries, black currants.In them, he is also present, but in a safe amount.Be sure to take out hospital, and the doctor is better to call home.You do not need much in the period of the disease to be on my feet, because it is dangerous.

flu is most dangerous for pregnant women are at a period of 12 weeks, as it was in this period is the formation of vital organs of the child.A cold can interfere with normal development of the nervous system, which in the future could result in serious injury.Cough in bronchitis or pneumonia may lead to a weakening of placental blood flow and, as a consequence, the child begins to experience a lack of oxygen.In some cases it leads to death of the baby.When pregnancy is necessary at all to refuse taking aspirin or medicines made on its basis, as this drug has the ability to thin the blood, which can lead to defects in the child's development.Drink plenty of fluids other than tea with lemon balm mint and they have a similar effect as in the case with aspirin.After recovery, be sure to make a blood test, it will help to identify possible changes in the body.

But try not to bring the case before the illness, which simply observe preventive measures: ventilate the room regularly, avoid drafts, more often in the fresh air and spend a wet cleaning in the room as often as possible.