Thyme in pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
24 May 2016

Undoubtedly, the most important event in the life of any woman becomes pregnant.Especially because everyone knows how important it is for the baby's health is how pregnancy will proceed, and then birth.That's why most women try not to take no special need medication used by pre-pregnancy.At this time, all synthetic drugs are trying to replace the naturally occurring counterparts.

One such healing plants during pregnancy is thyme, which can significantly improve the health of the expectant mother.Thyme - a perennial plant, and has a number of unique and useful properties.He has a diaphoretic, and analgesic and diuretic and expectorant, and antihelminthic and even anticonvulsant properties.Nor can tell unique composition plants, which includes vitamins B and C, thymol, acacia, carotene, bitterness, and also necessary for the correct functioning of the organism of the pregnant organic acids.

Thyme has an incredibly powerful antiseptic properties, which allows its use and externally and internally.Prepar

ations are made on the basis of this plant, becoming an indispensable tool for severe pain in the throat, colds, sinusitis, sinusitis and even indigestion.Separately, I want to say that thyme becomes simply amazing tool for pregnant women suffering from such diseases as asthma.Typically, a solution made by decoction of the plant, to caress the throat.

For women suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system, will become an indispensable tool for teas and water extracts of thyme.However, before their use should certainly consult a gynecologist.

Women who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, thyme would be the only and necessary medicine created by nature.In addition, it helps the plant during bad rheumatic pain, especially if it is used as a compress.

Many women prefer to drink tea with thyme.However, during pregnancy, the beverage should be taken with care and in smaller quantities.This is because tea with thyme stimulates increased blood pressure.But the most frustrating is that this process is quite lengthy.In addition, the reduced pressure indicators also sufficiently long.It is for this reason that from the second trimester of pregnancy, the use of this wonderful plant should be strictly limited.This is especially true of the women who at that time, and so there are problems with periodic increases in blood pressure, and so can become a threat to the normal course of pregnancy.It should also be remembered that any excessive use of thyme can cause unpredictable consequences.

And yet, it is impossible not to note that this plant has been used successfully in the treatment of bowel fatigue, chlorosis, and hypotension.With no less success tincture of thyme can be treated by a variety of skin diseases and rashes, as well as in the treatment of dermatosis and scabies.

In any case, the use of thyme during pregnancy requires a deliberate approach.That is why no drugs, which is composed of thyme, can not be used without first consulting a physician-gynecologist.

reason for cautious handling of this plant is that under adverse conditions harmless thyme can help improve the tone of the uterus.