Can you drink the brew pregnant?

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
24 May 2016

Usually we do not ask ourselves' brew is useful or not? ".Everyone knows that this ancient drink perfectly quenches thirst and its taste real pleasure.However, when it comes to a pregnant woman who wants to brew, you need to decide very carefully can or can not drink it.It refers to brew low-alcohol drinks and excessive use of it is not recommended as a uterine tonic and the threat of miscarriage.Kvass can cause swelling and if pregnant have a penchant for it, then allowed to drink kvass in the amount of 200-300 grams per day.

in kvass contains many nutrients: vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, so in normal pregnancy, he will benefit.Kvass helps the absorption of iron and if the expectant mother develops iron deficiency anemia, which is often accompanied by the development of the fetus, then drinking kvass will contribute to the normalization of hemoglobin levels.

Kvass - a great stimulator of the gastrointestinal tract.It has a mild laxative effect and if pregnant tortured constipation, then a g

lass of kvass can help relieve discomfort.However, in severe flatulence is better to limit the use of this life-giving drink, as it enhances gas production in the intestine.

special technology of kvass, which is accompanied by a process of fermentation gives the drink a property to increase appetite.If during pregnancy the woman is gaining weight rapidly, it is best to limit the use of kvass and drink it after meals.

Most pregnancies with toxemia in which there are nausea, vomiting, dyspeptic symptoms, such as heartburn.Kvass then undesirable because it can cause increased heartburn.

choosing between kvass, which is sold in stores or in barrels on the street and home kvass, without a doubt, one should drink the last.Drink bottled contains no preservatives and dyes, and kvass cask is dangerous because it is sold in unhygienic conditions and can easily lead to food poisoning.

home brew - it is absolutely safe and wholesome product.He is always fresh and ready to forgive the water-based, biscuits and yeast.A kvass recipes can always be found on the Internet.