Pregnancy after 40 years

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
24 May 2016

age of rapid, non-standard relations.The desire to make a career and to earn more money or the desire to find a single man, a lifetime best.

No matter what the desire slowly pushes up of a woman to become a mother, it is important that, as far it will advance.No wonder the optimal age for the birth of the first child is considered to be ages 18 to 26 years.It is really flourishing period of hormonal and physical strength, even when the flaws of nature and the power of conception sometimes offset the mother's body.In this period of skeletal system already formed to make a baby without prejudice to the mother's health and at the same time sufficient mobility to safely release it to the world.And what happens if the bear pregnancy after 40 years?

After 40 years there is hormonal decline and a woman's body is slowly but surely starting to prepare for the climax.For this reason alone the pregnancy at this age can be extremely problematic.It's one thing if it is not the first to bear pregnancy and childbir

th safely ended previous.Then the body is on the "laid down the program," recalling that at some period, and how to do it.In this case, the lack of hormones is largely offset by the experience.And if this is the first pregnancy and the first coming generations?

In this case, there is no experience, and hormones are not enough.Plus processes begin in cartilage that lead to loss of elasticity and top ossification.This means that natural childbirth, when the body will be able to help doctors and special preparations to continue the pregnancy, can be very problematic.And a whole bunch of accumulated disease at this age is not the best accompaniment of pregnancy and it brings a positive contribution.

pleased to be allowed, that all the same behind the pregnancy and birth, whether natural or caesarean section, passed.Happy mother stays with the baby.And here again there is a shortage of elementary physical forces.Women who experience childbirth in the twenties and forty can tell that those loads that go unnoticed in youth, in adulthood have become quite noticeable.And it is those who already have experience and knowledge of how to organize and what to expect in the future.And what can we say about a woman who had not been faced with this?One eager enough.Looking elementary physical forces, which have youth in abundance, but at maturity are not enough.

A physical fatigue and strain always pulling for a psychological fatigue, which inevitably leads to stress and depression.As a result, frequent problems in family life, are common disorders with her husband, who is doubly difficult: first, take a back seat, and secondly, to endure setbacks wife.Yes, and no one to help especially here.One thing is when my mother twenty years helping my grandmother and another forty years, when most mom forty and grandmother can no longer be, or her age does not allow to give her grandson a lot of time and effort.

Of course, now you can read a lot of stories from the series "I'm 45 and I recently gave birth safely the first time, go through the entire pregnancy to work."Yes, there are such cases, they simply can not exist under the laws of statistics.But the same laws of statistics inevitably say that a fully successful outcome of pregnancy after 40 years is not too much.The bulk of them still falls on the average childbearing age from 18 to 26 years.Therefore, if there is no health problems that have to be hard to solve for years, it is not necessary to postpone the joy of becoming a mother.This status should be enjoyed and not take it out of the last forces with anguish and depression.