Pulsation in the stomach during pregnancy

By Admin | Pregnancy And Childbirth
24 May 2016

Since the discovery of pregnancy a woman should take seriously any changes in your body, listen to and record their feelings.To one of these new sensations relates the feeling of pulsation in the abdomen.To clarify the causes of this phenomenon should consult a gynecologist.

most common pulsation in the abdomen - a hiccupping baby.The child begins to swallow small amounts of amniotic fluid, and this gives rise to a feeling that many mothers take for pulsation.Rhythmic contractions in the abdomen may continue for a few minutes to an hour or longer.Some expectant mothers take for pulsation fetal movements, especially in the later stages, when the baby's movements can be quite active.

syndrome is compression of the inferior vena cava - a frequent explanation of pulsation, which many doctors consider the most common.Vienna, passing along the spine can pinch due to the increasing pressure of the weight of the fetus to the uterus, it poses perturbations and women.In addition to feeling the pulse, the sever

ity of which may be different, the syndrome can be manifested by dizziness, a feeling of faintness and nausea, and sometimes loss of consciousness.Often a lot of pressure on a vein is detected when a woman lies on her back - that's why many doctors advise to go to only one side.

Sometimes feeling during pregnancy is so strong that she can feel your own heartbeat - increasing the load on the cardiovascular system and is amplified ripple.Rhythmic contractions of the uterine artery are clearly seen in the late stages of pregnancy when the fetal weight increased significantly, and the vessels of the mother has to work in emergency mode.One of the major blood vessels - the abdominal aorta - takes place in the abdomen and uterus to increase in size, presses it to the peritoneum.Pulsation of the abdominal aorta feel many slender women even in the early stages, especially in the supine position.You can even see the movement of the abdomen during contractions.If pulsation in the abdomen occurs in a sitting position, it shows the load on the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava - should seek the most comfortable position in which the load on the vessels is not so great.

If pulsation in the abdomen brings discomfort, and painful sensations and deteriorating state of health, you should inform your doctor.It will provide the necessary guidance to help correct the condition.