Kissel from frozen raspberries

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
18 July 2016

Many in the winter frozen berries, including raspberries.In this form it maintains all the beneficial properties and flavor.From frozen raspberries can cook delicious pudding and please their households this bright and very useful dessert.


  • 200-250 g frozen raspberries (you can use fresh berries, jam, syrup harvesting, juice, raspberry puree);
  • 850 ml of water, including 1.5 cups, which will be divorced starch;
  • 50 g of starch;
  • 150 g of sugar;
  • citric acid.

jelly preparation of frozen berries:

It is no different from a recipe that uses fresh raspberries.It is important that in the boiling syrup got juice, which is released during thawing of berries.To maintain the maximum benefit from the berries, frozen raspberries dipped in boiling syrup, then boil, strain off and pulverized into a puree, then continue cooking jelly.

If you do not like when there are seeds of raspberry jelly, fruit should be rubbed through a sieve.3 tablespoons of starch should be diluted in a glass of cold

water and leave for a while.The remaining volume of water to dissolve the sugar syrup and heat to boiling until all of the crystals were fully dissolved.Once the syrup begins to boil, it is added raspberry puree and citric acid.It citric acid slightly dampens the cloying sweetness and gives Kisel nice bright crimson.

now need to actively mix the starch, dissolved in water, and pour a thin stream of it into the jelly with constant stirring.The resulting mass is needed to bring to a boil, and when the first signs of boiling immediately turn off the fire.In order to rapidly cool jelly, it is poured into ice-cream bowls and cups.If you want to get more dense dessert, weight should be boiled for about ten minutes until it thickens.

Helpful Hints:

  • Many do not like the film that forms on the surface of the jelly.It will not be if the spilled pudding sprinkled with powdered sugar or sugar.
  • If used for making jelly, potato starch, dessert will be transparent.Matt structure gives Kisel cornstarch.Because corn starch potato inferior in density, it takes 2 times longer than normal.
  • Breeding starch is necessary only in cold water, or from the heat and stir it minimizes the resulting lumps will be simply impossible.