How to cook frozen peeled shrimp?

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
18 July 2016

It would seem that in science - cooking seafood such as shrimp.He throws them into boiling water accommodating and let cook a few minutes.But almost none of us do not know how many minutes it will take to cook a delicious shrimp and put some spice in cooking.Each case has its own mysterious features.

first thing you need to know - what quality seafood you have purchased.They were cooked or uncooked crabs is how will their cooking - in the armor-clad shell or without shell, bought what size shrimp, frozen shrimp were or not.And that's just some of the subtleties related to shrimp.On this simple, at first glance, actually we try to tell you.Frozen shrimp, which are not exempt from the shell is not to lay in a pot of boiling water.Seafood is especially good if the shrimp defrost.The easiest way to defrost - they have to be put in a colander and put it under running water.

permitted to defrost frozen seafood like a cold and a hot shower.Thus, the frozen water will give extra portion of shrimp, which incl

ude the broken tails, shell particles and broken antennae.Only now can be placed to cook shrimp, the water must be two volumes relative to the amount of shrimp.Water should salt out calculating forty grams of salt per liter of liquid.We lead the water until boiling and cook shrimp until cooked.Cooked shrimp need to drain and season with lemon juice and olive oil, then the shell will just appetizing sparkle.Now it is a beautiful and tasty delicacy dish can offer to the dinner table in a large plate.

How many times cooked shrimp will depend on the appearance of the original product.If the shrimp were cooked, and they already have the red, they have to cook for five minutes.Shrimp with gray-green are fresh-frozen and must cook a little more - up to seven minutes.This is when the shrimp will be dropped into boiling water.If the future

delicacy thrown into cold water, the timing should be conducted with a minute of boiling water.Shrimp can be cooked in a microwave oven.We need two kilograms of shrimp pour a glass of beer, add one tablespoon of lime juice, salt and pepper to taste put.Put the bowl in the microwave and put it at the time of seven minutes.Take out the bowl and pour half of the liquid and put the bowl in the oven for five minutes.King prawns cooked in the same way as everyone else, they should only cook a few minutes longer than usual, they are just slightly larger than normal shrimp.Peeled boiled shrimps no more than three minutes, but the salt per liter of water should approximately twenty grams.