Persimmon compote

By Admin | Cooking Recipes
14 July 2016

Compote made to prepare for a long time, our ancestors enjoyed these divine beverages winter evenings, as well as in the fields, quenching their thirst and festive tables.Many years have passed, but the attitude of people to this miraculous drink not only has not changed, and even improved - now compotes are prepared not only from the berries and fruits that are at hand, but also from overseas delicacies, which offers us the market!

So, it has become fashionable to cook compotes from persimmon.Prepare such compote for any reason, and is supplied to any table.At the same time stewed persimmons are very popular great variety of useful properties, which is also valued and not ignored by people suffering from many chronic diseases.

So let us and we will learn to cook this wonderful drink - persimmon compote!The most nutritious and delicious compote obtained from varieties "Goldcrest", although you can use any variety of persimmon, which is able to buy.

To drink was more crowded, one and a half liters of

water are used about a pound of persimmon fruit.They are pre-washed and peeled, but not necessarily to remove the skin.Bones of persimmons when cutting the fruit can be removed, you can leave.

Prepared persimmons soon spread into the boiling water, and then add a cup of sugar.If you fundamentally do not like sweet fruit drinks, the sugar can put a little less.But if you prepare compote of persimmon for medicinal purposes, then do not use sugar better.Useful when the drink will only substances contained in the persimmon.

After boiling direct persimmon compote cook no more than 10 minutes.This time will be enough to pieces of fruit have reached the desired condition.Capacity in which it was the preparation of the beverage, remove from heat, covered lid.Now stewed persimmons must be insisted, so he will be more fortified and enriched with nutrients.When a fruit compote can drain, and can be supplied in the form that it is.

persimmon compote prepared in such a way has the unique ability to maintain blood vessels in elastic form, promotes the excretion of salt, cleanses the kidneys, normalizes vision.And it is recommended to use in the prophylaxis of many chronic diseases of the intestine, heart and kidneys.The drink has not only a tonic and restorative properties!