Compote of barberry in winter

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14 July 2016

Barberry specific taste, but very tasty as a condiment (dried and crushed), in the form of jams, preserves and liqueurs.Compote of barberry are useful and help to cope with stomach problems and prevent tumors.The perfect drink - a combination of barberry and some sweet fruit, eventually turns sour-sweet liquid pleasant color and flavor, the beverage can give both children and adults.

compote and apple barberry in winter

To prepare a few cans need a kilo of apples, a liter of water, a glass of barberry and a half cups of sugar.

My apples, cut into slices and clean them from seeds and membranes for compote better to take the sweet varieties of fruits, barberry to give the desired acidity.

Banks nice clean, you can even sterilize them over steam or boiling water, add up to slices of apples and barberry.In a separate saucepan boil water with sugar, waiting until crystals dissolve.

syrup Fill jars with fruit and sterilize them for 15 minutes (half-liter cans concerns) if liter containers, sterilizatio

n duration - 25 minutes.All we roll up the container lids clean and give compote to cool before storing.

compote of barberry in winter

can prepare compote of barberry.To prepare the main ingredient needed immediately, water and sugar (per liter need to take 2 cups).

Barberry well washed and dried on a towel, my bank and dried them, and then decompose to barberry up to the shoulders.

In a saucepan, boil water and put the right amount of sugar, waiting for dissolution of crystals, pour the hot syrup into the jars with barberry.Set the container in a large container and boiled for 10 minutes (half-liter), if liter containers, the duration of the boil - 15 minutes.

Ready banks roll up covers, turn them around and wraps.Store no more than a year to fruit compote not collapsed.

pear compote and barberry in winter

workpiece take a kilogram of barberry and pears, and 650 grams of sugar per liter of water.

my pears and sliced, get rid of the boll.Wash and sterilize jars.Place the pears in layers with barberry banks.

Boil the water and dissolve the sugar in it, pour the boiling syrup ingredients in the jars and boil the container in a pan of water for at least 18 minutes.Then roll up the banks and leave to cool.

addition to pears and apples barberry can be closed with any fruit, always turns out delicious and aromatic.You can add cinnamon, star anise and vanilla for an interesting flavor and zest to the drink.